Painting Hall Bathroom

you can see where I tested some paint on the wall.

Looks like I will be painting the hall bathroom within a few days. Maybe tomorrow. The floor and new soaker tub were installed last year - the husband hates to paint and since my dad was a painting contractor years ago, the task always goes to me. I don't mind - I actually I enjoy painting once I get through all the prep. Don't expect fast or even clean. In my old age, I've become slow and sloppy! I figure BIG DEAL. It's not like there is a camera crew from HGTV I have to be concerned with.

After I paint the walls and ceiling, I will paint the cabinets. They are those ugly drab oak builder-grade cabinets. I'm thinking of whitewashing them, kinda gives a beachy feel. We'll see. I do change my mind a lot.

In all honesty, all I care for is clean and put together. Less is MORE as far as I am concerned. Less stuff to wash and dust.