Rustic staining and the bathroom

Rustic Staining

Here's an article about this technique.

Giving Furniture a Chic Rustic Look

The bathroom has been painted and I still have some "fluff" I want to do, but it is done. I decided to stain my cabinets with a rustic stain. I like it. Would like new counter-tops but not now. I can live with them. This photo sucks. I'll get some later. The floor tile is not yellow as it shows in the photo. It is a sand color. Grrrrrrrrr.

Note the one cabinet door. I plan to replace all the hardware but my main focus was getting the walls and ceiling painted and the cabinet stained. So I took off the hinges and one of them has this little piece of metal. We lost it. Then my husband found it and doggone it, he lost it again. The hinges are over 20 years old and they don't make that same exact type anymore. My husband is good at "mickey mousing" some things when in a pinch. My budget is limited and I can't see going out and spending cash on hinges when I can spend it on a more important project.

We drove over to a specialized lumber place and priced plywood, that can be used for a kitchen countertop. $75. We'd need 3 of them. Hmmm, I don't know if that is such a great price but I still love the look of wood instead of granite. I just always go my own way, with fashion as well as home decor. Clothing: If I like it, I wear it. Home Decor: If I like it I find a way to utilize it in my decor. I figure I am the one living here (with the husband of course) and your home should be a place of comfort, surrounded by all the quirky things you love.

I'll look at some types of wood countertops I have seen and will share in another post soon.

Here's hoping you are loving your house as much as I enjoy mine.


  1. I watch This Old House. In the latest episode the homeowners took soom 100 year old wood that was in the house and had it made into a gorgeous countertop. Wow.


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