IN THE GARBAGE they went

Miss Buster, in her younger days

Here it is mid July and I am still in a mild FUNK. Yesterday I decided I need to clear out some clutter that has accumulated in a back bedroom. I want to sew and do crafty things in that room. It's also the room where my elderly cat, Miss Buster lives. She will be 20 years old in October and she wants to stay in that room pretty much all day. She saunters out at night...when we're in bed. She loves it when I am in there with her. I can hear her purring as soon as I enter.

I started hauling things out of the closet - I threw out so much stuff. For instance, my mom's purse and the contents of it when she died. Now WHY do I need to keep that? I tossed it. I tossed a suitcase full of her school papers from the 40's/50's. Old school books that she covered with contact paper. If she hadn't done that, perhaps they would of been a collectible. IN THE GARBAGE they went.

I don't feel bad.

I found loose photos I will keep - old negatives that I threw out. and photos of either people I do not know or black and white landscapes of places I don't know where they were taken. Crazy.

Back in the 80's and 90's, I remember all the moms in my neighborhood were doing the scrapbook thing. I never got into it. NOW I'm thinking, once I get through the back room, I might have to do something like that for some order for my photos.

I also found a bag FULL of undeveloped film. I need to find a place in town, that will develop.


  1. Developing that film is going to be interesting, I hope. When you finish tossing, come to Georgia and toss a little out of my house. lol

  2. Feels good to have a good clean out and throw stuff in the bin


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