Countdown to Retirement

My aloe vera flower bloomed for the first time in May. 

What irony. It was exactly one year ago today, I stopped updating this home improvement blog, because of all the fires. Our home improvement, especially our yards really took a hit from all of the smoke. We had trees die. We pretty much had to stay inside due to the extreme toxic air. 

That was last year! 

I decided, it was the time to start posting our "improvements" we've been working on this past year.  We won't be able to get everything done before my husband retires because he has moved his retirement date to December 3 of this year! He's 3 years early! At first, I freaked - but we have all the major stuff accomplished that takes a lot of money. Pretty much, what is left is gardening and some tasks around the house. 


  1. When my Dad retired Mum was concerned with how they would cope but they coped just fine


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