Black and white is the color!

Yesterday I had 3 deliveries!  I received my black and white buffalo plaid curtains that I will need to hem. (grrrrrrrrr) and a stove shelf that is metal and attaches to the top of a freestanding stove with a heavy-duty magnet, and some Avon.

It looks so much better. It is just what that little space needed. 

The shelving is almost done. Ran out of wall screws for the last shelf.
I had wanted to just keep the wood natural. So I went to Lowes and I picked up what I thought was clear spray enamel. When I sprayed it on, it was BLACK!  I was not about to delay this project any more than necessary so I decided to keep it. My tables are black so why not?  Wish the brackets were black. Maybe one day when I have nothing to do, I will spray paint them. HA!

Yeah, I know there are some bare spots. I ran out of spray paint and had to find another black spray in the garage and then ran out of the 2nd can. I will touch it up. There will be so much stuff on it, no one will notice.

Yesterday I hit a Dollar Tree store here in my town that I haven't been to in years. The other 3 I go to, don't have a lot of the stuff, I have seen from other Dollar Tree Hauls. Pretty much, just the basics. Well this one, is HUGE. They have redecorated it and they have things I have never seen before. I finally found those little white pumpkins!

So today I have so much I want to do vs so much I probably should do. I wonder which one will win. It's another HOT day today. I don't feel much like gardening. I just want to do some FALL cleaning and decorating.

Moving right along...


  1. Now you have to show us your curtains. Talk about painting. I mixed two colors hoping for just the right color..well no it isn't but like you I painted my porch things anyway. My daughters say it looks great. It will do till I get another painting idea. LOL Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. I would love to paint stuff, if only I could

  3. I love the Dollar Tree. I just went there today to get Valentine candy. Also, have you browsed through the Target Dollar Bins? They are my favorite. So many goodies at a low price. I see you have a bit of red in your kitchen too. Love it.


    1. Yes I love the Target bins. My kitchen is just whatever makes me happy plus red is my husbands favorite color.


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