Spring is practically here

2 weeks ago 

I last posted in October!  We've been busy and I lost my blog rhythm.  Plus we had a wedding on the 29th of February - my youngest son, who I refer to as "Navy" on my blogs married his sweetheart on Leap Year. They are honeymooning in Hawaii.

One of the many "surprises" from the birds that popped up this year

I like to dedicate this blog to the things my husband and I are working on around the house. As you can see, the reality of this HOME DECOR BLOG is, nothing gets finished. We do most of it ourselves and honestly...we poop out!

Nasturtiums should be blooming soon

With everything in the world going crazy, now is a good time to keep busy - gardening, working on the house and doing crafts. I had my craft room, all set, but then in October my son and his fiancee moved in for the month as they were flooded out of their apartment. I had to pack everything up, to fit the bed in the room. It's funny because that room used to be a guest room. IT just collected dust - so earlier last year we decided to get rid of the bedroom furniture, pack away the mattress in the garage and use it for a craft/hobby/sewing room. WE no sooner did that when a friend was traveling and needed a place to sleep for one night, so we hauled in the mattress, placed it in the living room. Okay, that was manageable. Then my kids lived here for that one month and for that, we had to clear out the room. Then for the wedding, my niece came up for 2 nights - I had her sleep on our living room sofa. Not ideal, but still not worth giving up that room for guests. If you have a big house, then that's great! My house is a small 3 bedroom. We have our bedroom, the other is an office and now the "backroom" which is what we call it when we forget that it is a craft/hobby/sewing room. Maybe also a toilet-paper-storage-room! (just kidding)

This is what is starting to bloom around my house.


Marguerite Daisy

Our California poppies are just starting to bloom. I didn't get a photo of them yet.

A drought-resistant flowering shrub we bought 2 years ago.
We bought this yellow shrub a couple of years ago and it only blooms once, during late Feb. It is a drought-resistant plant and we forgot the name of it. Its yellow color is another Spring welcome!

Our baby almond tree

We're starting to get warm again - pushing 80 by the end of this week. Then it might rain again this weekend. I'm okay with that. These little beauties need their refreshments -


  1. Lovely photos, here today is another warm day temps in the mid 20's


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