Another day home

Off the beaten path 

Today on the old Homestead:

I'm going to bake a banana nut bread this afternoon. I decided NOT to buy junk food or snacks. That if I really wanted something, I would bake it from scratch. Using this approach has kept us from overindulging in sweets because I don't like to bake as much as I did when my kids were young. I used to bake all their cookies and snacks. Much cheaper and healthier than store snacks.

I threw some stew meat in the crockpot - with a bag of baby carrots and some whole potatoes, onions, and a garlic mushroom soup on top of it and am just letting it cook all day. It smells good. I'm getting low on chicken. I tried to have my morning cereal but we forgot to take the milk out of the freezer! We have to remember to do that!

The husband mowed the front and back yards. Rain is in the forecast for this weekend. Rain is ALWAYS welcome and appreciated here in Northern California. We still haven't had enough rain yet - we'll get through this pandemic but for us up here, we have to look forward to forest fire season, which scares me to death.

I just feeling blah...not depressed, just blah.


  1. We have had so much rain my yard is a swamp. And our governor has told landscaping companies they are not allowed to work because they are 'non-essential'. Really? We should just let the grass grow a foot high? I hope to get out today and clean up all the branches on the ground from the high winds.

    Your stew sounds good. I can even imagine the aromas.

    1. It was very good and yes it smelled amazing. That's crazy about the gardeners. Around here, I've seen them out and about. Each state is different and from what I am reading Michigan is really starting to be a hot spot.

  2. Blah is how many of us are feeling not me as yet but give it time

  3. Sounds like you have it figured out...we went for a walk this morning and sat on the porch this afternoon...good to see more of our neighbors out walking, riding bikes and jogging...We're thankful for our retirement income, food to eat, nature to enjoy that costs nothing, each other and friends who check to see we're still doing alright....Mama Bear

  4. Banana bread sounds good! I have been baking a lot more too.

  5. I love that picture of the pretty path!!-where is that? Hope your weekend was nice. Your crock pot meal SOUNDS DELICIOUS, I love to make things like that in the crock pot. Makes the whole house smell so good too. It makes a whole lot too, and then we have plenty for more meals, we don't mind eating on something for a few days at a time.


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