Fun times (work) ahead

I liked the one landscaper so much, (he is the gardener for one of our friends) that we just went with him. We clicked. Although it is a bit more than we had budgeted for we are only having them do the hard stuff; the lifting and hauling and some sprinkler work -  We'll plant shrubs ourselves next year. They will come on May 22. I am so excited. He will also totally cap off the sprinkler system on that part of the yard. Replace them with bubblers and drip lines.

Get rid of weeds
level out yard
fill with dirt
lay down weed barrier
river rocks. 

Tomorrow Home Depot will be dropping off supplies for us - some fencing materials, pavers, and bricks. There will be no vacation for us, this year. Maybe camping. That's fine with me. I'd rather stay at home. 


We're supposed to get into the H90's - maybe see our first 100. Then we'll drop down into the '70s. later in the week.  I like it when it does that. It gives us a break from the HOT temps. Soon, there will be no breaks. During the summer months, we stay in the 105+ for 40-60 days straight. Believe me, that gets OLD. 

Oleanders do well in here due to the heat. They are also drought-resistant and keep blooming throughout the summer. 

Pink Pomegranate 

The Pomegranate is blooming profusely - also because of the heat. 

Shasta daisies. 


  1. Hah! Rub it in. We got frost last night! Would love to get some yard work done.

    1. Yeah I heard. That's happened here before on some years. Once we went camping in June in the high country and it snowed.

  2. I like pretty flowers but suck at yard work and growing them

    1. The more you do it, the better you get. Gardening is a lot of work but it is rewarding.


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