Take it to the curb

We try to always, do things ourselves. That's why things take so long to complete. Since these SIP orders, we are getting a lot done and we're starting on some bigger projects as soon as the materials are delivered to us, this Saturday.

Right now I am waiting for an estimate from a landscaper to do a small/medium job we just can't do. We've decided to get estimates on a portion of our front yard - that has been problematic for us for a few years. I have another estimate on Wednesday. Still need to find another but 2 estimates are good enough.

The yard from the picket fence to the curb drives me crazy. We have tree roots that have taken over. Overgrown bushes. We want no to low maintenance. All the pretty flowers and such are on the other side of the fence. I am a tree-lover.  I do not want my trees cut. I'm thinking we need to add topsoil to protect the roots from our HOT summers. For weed control, I want a weed barrier laid down and a simple planting area between the trees and surrounded by river rocks. (Due to our high fire danger, river rocks are recommended)  We'll see what we can actually afford, or what we want to spend, etc...

It is a south-facing yard - Trees provide much-needed shade on the backside of the front yard from our triple digits. It's a shaded area with the exception of the sun that peaks in the late afternoon/early evening from the setting summer sun which can be extremely HOT and wilts many plants. I need some drought resistant plants. Some BIG rocks - I could plant bulbs in and around them for spring color.

Something similar to this 

or this. 

Much better than this


  1. I can see where the roots would drive you crazy! Looks like a great yard with work with though!

  2. Tim and yard work don't mix, me and yard work no bloddy way


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