I see the Vision!

I used an old quilt stand, added some wood that fit perfectly on top, 
and have placed some potted plants I am nursing back to health after our 117 degrees. 

My husband extended the picket fence - so that I could have a small yard to garden in. 
It's MY GARDEN to do with as I want. It will be eclectic, funky, whimsical. It will take the rest of the summer to get it the way I envision. Using scrap wood and materials, we already had on hand, He made an arbor for me that I hope to plant some flowering vines.  On top of the arbor, I need some more planks to cut, paint, and add to it. A gate will come next year because I am picky as to what I want. I will need to research it. 

The other side of the fence closer to the hill is where my husband will put down pavers 
to extend our patio. 

Our covered patio used to have lattice and we removed it. It sat for a few years - I wouldn't let my husband throw it out. Finally, I decided to just put it on the fence as seen in the top photo. 

This will be paved over by Oct. Just weeds. We've been trying to get rid of most of our lawn area anyway due to droughts and we want to lessen our water needs. 

Yes, that is an OLD bike that was my Mom's and I need to paint it and put it somewhere. 

Doing a little artwork on the fence. Ha, it is what it is. I wanted a dry brush look for the middle fence. TRUST ME, I know what I am doing! I am a "painters daughter!" 

The ladder belonged to my dad. He used this one at home but he was a Commercial Painting Contractor in San Francisco and even bid on the Golden Gate Bridge to paint. 

I'm still "thinking" on what to do with it. I might paint it, or leave it as is. I don't know yet. 

Another angle of my yard. I did slop some paint on the ladder. 
The verdict is still out as to what I will end up with. 

No sunflowers yet so I got out my metal sunflowers I use in the Fall - along with the corn. 

There is a log-planter on the side of my house that my dad built - it's falling apart. We had some bushes in there that I was allergic to, so my husband cut them way back. They were tall and beautiful but had to go. Their roots pushed out the logs on the planter that we will fix next spring.  We'll just leave that for next spring. The coke bottle is to temporarily cover the metal rebar as to not impale my dog if she should run and jump/fall on it. 

This side area gets the HOT afternoon sun. (noon to 6pm)  I have some sunflowers planted but they are not doing as well as they should, so I don't know what is going on there. Maybe not enough morning sun.  It's a HOT MESS for sure. Good thing, it's not seen much. I do have BIG plans for it. 

Do you see the rusted old Smoker? I plan to do something with that, too. Any ideas? 

I see the VISION, even if you can't. For the longest time, my husband couldn't or wouldn't see it. He says, ever time I come up with something, he gets nervous. 


  1. I don't know how you work in the heat. I struggle with what we have here. As for the smoker, I see it as a tubby cartoon character.

  2. LOVE it all!! I love a whimsical "Junk' Garden..I call mine that because i like to repurpose containers for planters!!Love the lattice and white picket fencing!! Looking forward to seeing your progress!1 Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  3. I like the fence and all your photos

  4. Your plans and visions are so interesting. This is going to be fun to follow.


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