Woodland, Ca

I LOVE SUNFLOWERS. I am sunflower CRAZY! I've decided with my many flower failures in the past, sunflowers grow really good here in the Sacramento Valley of California. HOT DRY summers and an extra-long growing season.

I did not know this! According to the the National Sunflower Association, most sunflowers are grown in the Dakotas but 95% of the seeds for all sunflower farms come from California—especially the Sacramento Valley. In terms of acreage, it’s the number-one seed crop in the state. 

My new little garden area above is under construction right now and has been delayed due to extreme heat (105+) I purchased a 4 x 4 raised garden bed I will install and I have a few mixed sunflower seeds that I will hopefully get planted this week. I like sunflowers to be blooming from June to October!

Just down the valley from me is a town in Yolo County, Woodland. They have many Sunflower Farms. Just off the I-5, you will see them in full bloom on both sides of the interstate - They are so beautiful. Great place to visit but NOW everything is closed.

Maybe something like this

I have some plans to incorporate my small garden area into an abundance of sunflowers next year. That's my plan.

All different types -

What a happy flower the sunflower is. So that's my plan for next year. I am tired of planting flower seeds that are just too delicate for our HOT summer heat.


  1. Sunflowers look pretty from a distance but up close and personal they freak me out because of how large they are, an unreasonable fear I know

    1. Yeah like they are these prehistoric flowers.

  2. Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed returning the visit and reading all about your love of sunflowers and the plans you have to create a little sunflower heaven in your own corner of the world. That is going to be gorgeous.

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places. Stay safe and as cool as you can. Brenda

  3. Sunflowers are my FAVORITE FLOWER. They always just look so happy!... I wanted to plant some this year but being the novice I am I couldn't find any and didn't know where to look. Over the cooler weather I plan to learn more about them , caring for them, whats the best type to plant in my area etc and next year I hope to have my front garden beds full of them...


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