The storm before the calm

My backyard is a mess! So many projects going on - it's a good thing we're not having people over. I'd be embarrassed. It is the "storm before the calm." It will get cleaned up soon as some projects are done. 

Husband is working on extending the existing patio to the planter on the other end. He painstakingly digs the grass up, lays down silicon sand and places the paver down. He is methodical. That area is exceptionally challenging because when my parents owned this house, they had rocks around the edges of the lawn area, that we just let the grasses grow up and between. What a chore. So, he sifts the dirt and the rocks - and keeps a pile of rocks in another area of the yard. Oy Vey! 

I've already improved this. 

Taken this morning, I hauled over a wooden pallet with plywood nailed to it and made a flat level surface to work on. Removed the pavers (which was my husband's doing) I did not want them there. I laid down a weed barrier under the table and placed the pallet on top.  It is already looking better. 

 I dug around in my china cabinet and pulled out these aluminum chargers I got years ago at Sonoma and Williams - I never use them anymore. So I plan to edge the top of that garden area with them. It's still a work in process...

Saturday I bought a 4 x 4 raised garden bed at Home Depot. It's been so hot, I put it together last night in my living room and my husband helped me carry it out and place it in the yard. This morning, when this was taken, I placed some pavers to the side - I weedwhacked down to the bare dirt. I also decided to remove my dad's ladder. I will put that somewhere else. It's too precious to me so I believe I will place it under the house eves and place empty pots on it. 

For this summer, I plan to just fill the bed with dirt, plant various sunflowers for the Fall and start some blue morning glories by the picket fence. I already have some started on another area and our growing season is long. Should look real nice for my family bonfire and weenie roast which is usually in early October. 

My covered patio? That is junked up with tools and supplies. I want to power wash the cement - hopefully next week. 

It's getting there. We're just not that fast - we poop out, plus its HOT. We do what we can, but WE WILL GET IT DONE! 


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