Watching my sunflowers grow -

There is some progress in my sunflower garden. They are growing fast - still have to wait - late summer should be beautiful. 

It's hot again - 105+   I just can't do it. I started at 6:30 am but then took a side trip to both Home Depot and Lowes. Seems since the lockdown, everyone is gardening. At least in my area, many items in the garden departments are picked over. I didn't do any gardening yesterday because we had smoke blowing in from the wildfires that are burning east of us. Today, we were good. 

My backyard, while it is not picture perfect (yet) is still my happy place. The world can go to hell in a handbag (what does that even mean?) and if I am in my garden, I am calm, happy and life is worth living.  I feel the same about nature and going into the forests to get away.

I confess, during summer months I become addicted to anything gardening. I dream, sleep, eat gardening. I can't get enough. I want to roam more gardening centers - I'd travel miles if I could, just to scope out a new place. That goes for garden junk as well. 


  1. Many of our truly local garden centers ran out of plants (I mean the ones that grow their own gardening starts) and closed a month (at least) early. I miss them. I miss being able to visit them. We are fortunate to not have smoke blowing on us, and we complain about the heat, but it is nothing compared to some other parts of the country (like yours).


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