My Happy Sunflowers


You plant them and wait approximately 90-100 days. 

So much can happen - the birds for one, love the little seedlings with the seed still attached. 
One plot of sunflowers I planted - I only had 34 come up. 
Every morning I would go out and count and I'd lose a couple. 
At this date, I only have 15 in this particular plot.

Doesn't this sunflower just radiate "Happy?"  

Same type of sunflower, all planted at the same time - 
some grow really tall, and others came in shorter and stockier. 

The bugs tried to annihilate my flowers before their time. 
I as, their PROTECTOR came to their defense. 

You do have to keep a daily watch on them. 
They are big and strong but in some ways, just as fragile as any smaller more delicate flower. 


  1. Very pretty. Even when it is just opening up, it has a beauty. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Iwas so excited to harvest seeds from my one sunflower, and every shell kernel was empty. We have a pollination issue this year. Beautiful blooms. Thanks for following my blog.


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