New plants

I needed some filler plants - I bought these three. 
All of them were on the "clearance table" at Lowes. $3.00 each. 

The sunflowers are starting to get really big now - 
and forming their future flower. 

The other day, I found a flying beetle infestation 
covering my sunflowers. 

Used some Neem oil and so far so good. 

I placed these in a pot - If I plant them directly in the ground, they could die, due to the extreme heat. Although they are drought lovers, I still want to give them some time. 

Can't beat Petunias - 
probably not the best filler plants to have in the 105+ heat 
here in Shasta County. 

Pretty little Zinnia 

This just sprouted in my garden bed. 
Is it a weed? It is big. Is it a tree? 


  1. Oh I LOVE sunflowers! They are my most favorite flower along with Zinnia's ....I was shocked when I learned last year just how hardy marigolds are in the heat... As for what sprouted in your garden bed I can't really tell what it is but it looks kind of pretty even if it is considered a weed :)

    1. Yeah I hope it didn't come from one of those seed packets from China.

  2. I googled your photo and it came up as the invasive teasle. I have a problem here with buckthorn. It grows all over and it will kill other plants growing near it. Constantly pulling it out.

  3. I cannot imagine the heat you are having, and yet your plants carry on giving you pleasure in the midst. Love the zinnia -- such a bright gem.

  4. Sunflowers look nice from a distance


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