The end of a bad season


I wish I could say this little harvest of red grapes were from this year. This was last year. 
We were really hoping this year would be bigger and better. 
The husband trellised them and we trained them at first...all was looking well. 

We had the baby grapes - and then the HOT weather came, which in itself isn't abnormal,
 we just obviously didn't protect the babes. 

Then they were invaded by little white bugs - when the water would hit them, they would be hundreds of these itty bitty buys that would fly out from among the vines and swarm me. It was disgusting. 

When the temperature finally went down into 98 yesterday,  we finally whacked the vines down. 
That is it. It is done. 

They are to the side of our house - FULL sun till around 6pm or so. 

No homemade grapevine wreaths this year. 


  1. My husbands uncle has a vineyard here-up at Keuka. He said it wasn't a good year either. I use to get grapevines and make my own wreathes...not this year, sigh. So sorry it wasn't a good year.

    1. Nice. I need to find out what those bugs that infested the vines were and try to watch out for that next year.

  2. I'm sorry it wasn't a good year. No grapes and no grapevines. How disappointing. A former neighbour used to say, let's hope for better days ahead. Yes, indeed. Will you try again next year? Or it's just over for good?

    1. It's over for just this year. Yes we will continue on - just a bad year.

  3. That is not the news we like hearing but I guess it happens


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