Too early to be winding down for Autumn

By the end of the month, if not sooner, I should have many more sunflowers in bloom. 

I am frustrated to say that, the patio won't be completed until the end of Sept or the first of October. 

My husband broke his toe and is off for 5 more weeks. Oh well, we're not doing anything anyway - 

but working on the patio was keeping him productive and not bored. 

I've slacked off as well - Maybe tomorrow I will get back into the yard - 

Meanwhile, there's always laundry! 


  1. Oh no on your husband...I hope he heals soon. Indeed, there is always laundry, sad to say, grin.

  2. Cute washing machine. Sending prayers for the toe to heal well.
    xx oo Carla

  3. Laundry feels like it's never ending.. and I don't get it, it's only me and my husband but I could do laundry 7 days out of 7. Sorry to learn of your husbands toe. I hope he heals quickly... We have lots of projects going on here too but with this heat and humidity of August (dog days of summer) it's been nearly impossible to get anything done. I can't wait for the cooler weather to arrive!


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