A smokey Saturday


I wanted to share this the other day - on my Red Barns post, but couldn't find my photo. 

This barn is around the corner from where I live. Having always lived in a city/metro/urban area, seeing a barn so close to me, is a thrill.  I would cry if for any reason the barn had to be torn down. 

A droopy sunflower - kinda represents how I feel these days - BLAH!

This is that other variety of sunflowers - should be blooming soon and it won't be the classic yellow.

golds, browns, and oranges. 

Stunted sunflower - 6 ft tall with a little flower. 

Yes, I know...we need to scrape and paint our trim. It won't be happening this year. 

Marigolds seem to love the heat - So pretty. 


  1. That is a beautiful barn! I love to go on long drives and look at old barns and houses... Take care!

    1. I do too. When I see a barn or very old structure, I want to get a photo of it. You never know when the owners will want to tear it down.

  2. This was farm country when I moved here nearly 50 years ago. Now, all the old barns and most of the old 1800's farmhouses are gone. Sad really that we are so eager to tear structures down.

  3. What a wonderful lot of photos that made me smile


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