I can post pretty photos of my garden but the TRUTH is -

inside, my house is a mess. At least it is to me. 

With a temporarily disabled husband - out with a broken toe, things are piling up. He keeps a clutter of things piled next to him and that drives me nuts. The backyard is incomplete - weeds are growing on the hill that is too big for me to pull out and between the heat or unhealthy air due to the smoke, I need some help here - Hopefully, he will be cleared Sept 17. 

I hate to spend money on a gardener or a housecleaner. I can do it - I'm just backlogged. and running out of time. It may be in the 100's now but when Fall comes, it usually brings a bit of winter with it.  I just paid for a teenager to mow the back yard for $20. He did an okay job. It already needs to be mowed again...

I lean toward being a minimalist inside my house. If I could get by with it, I'd go extreme

In my old age, I want clean, no clutter, and hardly anything to dust. 

When I was a young mommy, I was into all the country decorating stuff and my house was clean but cluttered with knick-knacks. I loved it back then - now, not so much. I like it a little, I just don't know if it is for me anymore. I've thrown out most of that old stuff a couple of years ago. Dust bothers me and too much clutter only breeds more dust. Plus my house has to be the dustiest house ever! Next year I want my ducts cleaned out. 

I miss when we were actively cleaning up and painting and doing work on our home. 

Painting the interior of the house, 5 or more years ago. 

Installing wood flooring in the hallway. 

I love doing home projects and I fear he is getting sick of it. The man needs a break. Me? I'm a workaholic when it comes to fixing up my house. I think it's my favorite hobby! 

A few years back I painted all the kitchen cabinets.

 I added beadboard paintable wallpaper on the cabinet doors. 

It turned out nice and I must get a recent photo - with all the changes. 

Last year, we changed out the disgusting white Formica for wood countertops. 

Yeah, I miss having a project to do. 

However, we need to get the place uncluttered after 6 mos of quarantine - 

if we do want to pursue our next project. 

I feel my age and it's frustrating not being able to do all that I want to do. 


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