My mom's Ground Beef Enchiladas

 If I can't do major projects - 

I can at least cook. Made these last night for dinner. Simple and easy. 

My favorite enchilada is shredded beef. 

Every family has their own unique recipe for simple enchiladas. As a child, I lived in San Francisco and our neighborhood was mostly Hispanic. Our next-door neighbor used to make homemade corn or flor tortillas and hand them out as a snack to the neighborhood kids. Sometimes warm with butter! I haven't had one since, that was as tasty. 

I just use a standard enchilada sauce from a can. Hey, I never said I was a gourmet. I can't get the sauce right when I have attempted to do it from scratch so I gave up. I switch back and forth - last night I used La Victoria. 

Something I learned after much trial and error is to not over sauce your tortilla - it will fall apart. The sauce it has on it after frying the tortilla is sauce enough - I put some sauce in the meat mixture and the bottom of the pan. I heat it up in the oven and then place the heated sauce on top, just before serving. It's just for my husband and me - it's not like I am feeding a restaurant. 

I also use stone-ground yellow corn tortillas - they hold up better when fried and sauced. I used 

Mi Rancho. They were local when I lived in Redwood City. 

I use pepper jack cheese - NEVER cheddar! I add fresh onions and some sliced black olives. 


  1. I haven't made enchiladas in a while, but I made burritos recently and there was no 'zing' to them. My son said 'Jalapenos would help'. Oops. Left them in the fridge. Added them to the leftovers and they were delicious.

    1. I have to be careful of too much "zing" or my tummy erupts. I still add it but in way smaller amounts than I used to.

  2. Never had them, never made them not my thing


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