Last Year/ This Year

Last Year 

Okay - maybe tomorrow will be the day I will start doing the things I need to do. I am having a hard time enjoying my favorite time of the year - Autumn. Last year at this time I was crafting and decorating and buying more stuff. 

I was organized  - I always like to do a Fall cleaning. I haven't started yet. By the looks of it, I can't say whether it will get done or not. That would be a shame because I know, the clutter will only make my FUNK more defined. I just can't seem to get up and go. 

Heck, even my dog Laydee was part of my Fall decorations. 

I went out shopping today - looked at all the Fall decor and some Christmas - It did not even MOVE me. I have enough stuff. 

I used to love to clean out my pantry - to get ready for the holidays. I haven't done that yet. 

My yards are a mess, due to the smoke and ash. 

I feel overwhelmed. 

To think I started this year on a good note - had my living room carpet shampooed in January. I was chomping at the bit to get 2020 started. I had crafts to make, seeds to plant, and flowers to spruce up my yard, and a wedding to go; my son was getting married on Leap Year - the 29th of Feb! 

Will I ever be, me again? 

I need my Mojo back. 


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