My Saturday garden


Every morning I can't wait to get out there and check what is new with my sunflowers. 

Nevermind that the rest of the yard is an overgrown mess. 

I planted this one in an orange home depot bucket.  

I have them everywhere. 

The lone, rust-colored sunflower. 

A pretty yellow one. 

Soon the oleanders won't be blooming as much. They LOVE our 100 heat. 

Our flowering Pomegranates - still produces. We have 3-4 trees. 

You dry these out and they look good in a bowl or included in a Fall wreath. 

I will have more zinnas soon. 


  1. Your sunflowers are lovely. We don't have oleander or pomegranates in our area, so it's a pleasure to see your photos of them. That zinnia is pretty in pink.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL, yes Jo-Anne I remember your FEAR of tall sunflowers!


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