The sunflowers are hanging in there

Once again, fire is threatening my community.  The Zogg Fire. We're all fine and I don't believe we are in any danger. We did finally make a purchase of a gas generator in case we lose power. We purchased a 9375/7500-Watt Electric Start Gas Portable Generator. I feel better prepared. 

My sunflowers are struggling, with the smoke. 

I have nursed these flowers since they were seedlings -

with a gleam in my eye of what was to become of them. 

They have been a JOY to my heart, this strange summer of 2020.

Maybe a couple more weeks - of sunflowers. 

Then it truly will be the end of summer. 


  1. I've already seen the end of summer here. Too hot and not enough rain. Most of the plants have already been cut back for winter. At least we don't have fires.

    1. Sounds nice. Unfortunately, we're still in the 90's and 100's. I am so sick of it I could CRY. October in my mind is supposed to be cool and crisp.


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