My front yard at Twin Cedar


I still have some Roma Tomatoes on the vine. They seem to grow better when the 105+ heat goes away. That is why I experimented and planted them in a pot outside my front window. 

We really need to paint our trim next year. 

We were supposed to do it this year but the smoke and fires kept us indoors. 

I have some flowering as well. 

Looking up toward the big incense cedar in my yard. 

I noticed these small, white berries seeds which turn into one-inch-long cones 

that are produced at branch tips.  

These seeds provide treats for many varieties of birds and wildlife.

Beautiful color green. 

The photo doesn't do it justice. It takes up all of my front yards - It is our front yard centerpiece. We lovingly nicknamed our place Twin Cedar.  I've often thought about changing my blog name to that - too much of a hassle. 

It's impossible to grow a decent lawn - but we won't cut it down. Who needs a green grass anyway here in California? It really doesn't make much sense. I'd rather grow drought-friendly flowers and plants. 

It's not Fall here yet - these are my Liquid Gum trees or Sweet Gum. 

We have 4 of them on the other side of the picket fence - street side. I love privacy. 

I'm surprised these came up. I bought a box of Impatient seeds from Dollar Tree. 

I sprinkled them in the pot and here they are. 

This lasts all year - The dusty miller I've had for years now. I just cut it down and it comes back. 


  1. Beautiful. My husband picked the last pepper the other day from the garden. Fall is here in western NY. Have a great day, friend!

    1. Sounds nice. Daily I am seeing's coming. Just takes us a bit longer.

  2. I can't imagine choosing grass over trees. I love trees. When you go in a forested area here in the middle of the summer, the temperature drops dramatically. It is nature's air conditioning. Oh well, lovely trees.

    1. I love trees too. One reason we have not gone with solar - they wanted to cut down all of our trees. We need a little grass for our lab. - but no sprawling lawns for me.


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