Ready, Set...GO!

I want to move a planter box to the side of my shed - for more planting options and then let the grass grow around it for the winter rainy season. We can overseed or put in a new lawn next spring. There were two planters there - I already took one out. 

I also need to haul out my Fall decorations to start decorating. I am suffering from pure unadulterated LAZINESS - Not having people come to our home, we've become pack rats and we have little organized piles of clutter well beyond what we both like, but we're stuck. I am going to need a stiff pot of strong coffee and a six-pack of red bull and some Pink Floyd to get me moving.  I did go grocery shopping -this morning -  that's something. I have to do some major cleaning in order to decorate. 

I honestly don't know why I still do this. I have got to get motivated...or I will miss my favorite months. 

I did buy a pumpkin today. 

Tomorrow we are going to go on a picnic - just the husband and I and Laydee. 


  1. Love the porch decoration. Oddly enough, I already have my fall decorations in and out of the house. Of course, except for the odd day when the grandkids are here, there is no one but me to enjoy it. But I need to keep my spirits up.


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