These are the 2 characters that showed up at our house.  The husband bought the candy this year and he didn't buy enough so, after an hour, we were out. There didn't seem to be that much more after we closed up shop. 

We kept our distance and sat in the yard and supervised them taking the candy from the bowl. 
We had several pieces of candy in sandwich bags. It worked out great. 

This photo shows the rocks we added this year. No more wasting water that just runs into the gutters. 
I really noticed the savings on my water bill this summer. 

This is the first time in my whole adult life, I didn't decorate for Halloween or Fall. 
I still have time but I just am not in the mood. I'm tired and right now, it just seems like more work for me now and afterward, when I have to pack it all up again. 

Plus with not really knowing what we are going to do for Thanksgiving with my family, why bother? 

This year has been so crummy. I want a do-over!

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  1. Glad the dinosaurs came for a visit.

    God bless.

  2. I'd also like a do-over! This has been nothing though to what we
    may be facing. Praying over that.


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