Keeping busy

The husband is making some good progress. 

Still have some pretty flowers blooming. I plan to pull out the morning glories for the winter. They usually grow all year, but I planted too many and they are too thick - I want just a small vine of morning glories rather than a WALL of Morning Glories on my picket fence. 

I will plant some seeds by the back fence - to cover up the different sections we have replaced. 

I pulled out the remaining sunflowers. 

I really need to lay down a weed barrier before the rains that are forecasted for later this week. 

I plan to do a deep cleaning of my kitchen before the heavy-duty holiday cooking as well as clean and organize my cupboards and pantry. I have this one drawer, I use for my silverware and it needs a wooden stabilizer underneath because it keeps getting jammed. I'm thinking of just changing everything around. Perhaps the flatware is too heavy and I should instead use it for kitchen towels instead. 

At our age, changing the placement of dishes and glasses can really mess with us. I did it a couple of years ago, with our glasses and cups. I also did it with our pots and pans. They use to be placed in a bottom cabinet - but was hard for me to find them. I had to sit on the floor to find something. I moved them over to my pantry. Works great but every now and then, when my husband cleans out the dishwasher and puts away the dishes, I will find a pot or two, in the old place. We are creatures of habit. 

Yeah, it's time to do some deep cleaning before I start in with all the Christmas clutter which I really want to minimize this year. We'll see. 


  1. When we moved into our new place I tried to think through where things would go in the kitchen so I wouldn't have to move things down the line.

    1. I did too, but that was almost 13 years ago - and my physical abilities have changed.

  2. Busy is good
    Lazy is good
    Dead is not go o d


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