Leaves, leaves and more leaves

This counts for Christmas decorating, doesn't it? 

I've not yet decorated except for the tree but I have been baking and making up some old family recipes and meals that bring me comfort. I'm missing my mom's country-fried pork chops so I made some the other night, with some mashed potatoes and homemade pan gravy. It was so good. Not something I should eat all the time though. I also made a peach cobbler from canned peaches. I was craving it so I made it. It was so good. 

Right now my energetic husband is blowing the leaves in the yards and then will mulch them. It's a never-ending job until the leaves have all fallen and ours have just started. He wants to put up our nativity, so he is getting the yard ready. 

I think I mentioned he finished the patio.  I am pleased it is done. 


  1. That's a gorgeous header photo, I feel like I've seen that mountain. And the fall pictures are beautiful. And things will come together for you and your energetic husband.

  2. I like your Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas mashup decoration :-)

  3. No leaves left here- not even any on the lawn. As much as I love Fall I am always glad when clean up is done. Sounds like you have had a good fall. Now-on to Christmas! xo Diana

  4. Awesome photos
    Leaves are everyywhere and often a mess to clean up.


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