Oh Happy Day - Craft room clean and reorganize

Not my Craft Room

Not my Craft room, but pretty darn close. 

Today, I am attacking my craft room - the husband has been using it to "pile" his things in there, and it's a total disaster. I admit, once he started, I did too. You can hardly walk in it. 

The husband finished installing the new sink and faucet in our bathroom. Looks good. Now he's going to replace the pipe underneath - it had a less than desirable odor. 

The weather is sunny and beautiful - 


  1. As soon as our bedroom is decluttered I move on to my craft/sewing room. I can't blame Harvey for the mess it is in. The utter chaos is all my fault.

    God bless.

  2. A craft room, a sewing room or just a spare room call it what you like, it's usually a bloody mess..............


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