The not so pretty home projects

or maintenance. Those things have to be in a timely matter or can get out of hand. We don't want to be like some old people, that just haven't kept up their home maintenance and then have to sell due to a family death and get practically nothing for their house. I have a good friend whose husband was a packrat - and he didn't like spending money on the house. He died in March of 2019 and Margie is still trying to get her home, clean and everything fixed. Plus she just turned 80. Bless her heart. 

The husband mowed both the front and back yards - We need either to sod or reseed our lawns. Probably won't happen this year. We had 2 garden boxes in the middle of the yard - and had planned to put rocks around it - and have a smaller lawn area. Then we decided we didn't like that and pulled out the boxes and now have 2 dirt plots in the middle of the lawn - they look like freshly dug graves. Boo!

The husband will be replacing a 3 section part of our fence on the side yard that we share with a neighbor. Our neighbor refuses to pitch in and told my husband that it was "his problem." He doesn't care how it looks on his side so what do you do? 

We have a dog that could get out and he's patched it but it's time to replace the fence. It's not worth fighting and arguing over.  Other than being downright cheap, they are good neighbors. The husband wants to put up a chain-link fence. I asked him if this was his version of "Love thy Neighbor." I know he wants to do that for spite. He later came back and said he wouldn't. 

We went in with our neighbors on a fence a few years back. That section my husband has to replace is because the neighbor insisted it wasn't that bad - funny, the next winter, is when it came down. The patched section of the fence, we had to do, because their 2 dogs like to chew the bottom of the wood fence. I do wish my husband had taken more care in mending the fence. I think he was mad and just threw some boards up there. It bugs me. 

Of course never any offer by them to help fix where their dogs destroyed the new fence. Aww, neighbors - you gotta love them. 

After the fence, he also wants to add an extension to his work shed so he can build things, have more room, and have an open area with a roof so he can work in the hot summer and keep his tools protected. Last year, he broke his toe which grounded him in a big boot he had to wear for several months. It was a bad break for him and our "projects." We have a lot of catch-ups we need to do this year. 

This is a "have to" this year. The paint is peeling on the hot, south side of the covered patio - the wood needs to be replaced and repainted. 

Provided he doesn't break anything this year, these should be fairly easy to knock out. 

I have my own projects I need to do -  I'm the painter of the family. 


  1. It must be in the air because we are also doing a lot of projects outside this year as well. Things that just have to get done.. I feel sorry for your friend Margie. To be 80. lose her husband and also have a mess of a house on her hands it's awful... My husband is in the process of literally tearing down two old sheds we have. One is metal the other is a small tool shed he built years ago which had a leak and now there's a ton of mold on the inside of the roof. We did a HUGE clean out of the other metal shed and yard had an entire trailer full of stuff for the dump. He rescreened all the windows because one of my dogs, my German Shepherd who is she doesn't grow up fast ain't gonna make it out her feet through almost all of them barking at everything and nothing.

    We bought some new trees and bushes for the front yard, put in a nice size vegetable garden this year.. I've begun working on the inside the other day.. I have started with all the windows. Washing the casings, the glass, the mouldings around them , the blinds the curtains, Have four more left to go and then I start on washing walls....

    1. Wow take photos. I love looking at others home improvement/maintenance projects.

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    1. True but after we are done (if we aren't dead) it will all look nice.

  3. One side of my yard has my neighbor's home made fence. It is pathetic. I don't know of any neighbors around here who shared the cost. I paid for my other three sides.
    I got tired of paiting tbe overhangs on my home (when I was younger) so I had them covered with vinyl.

    1. Fences will always separate the good neighbor from the cheap neighbor. My other 2 neighbors shared the cost but this one is younger, and he'd rather go to Hawaii once a year than use it for a fence. Heck, so would I.


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