13 years in our home today

Last week we decided it was time to refi our house. My son had been bugging me about it and I knew it was time. So we applied - got in all the documents needed and Monday the appraiser comes. We locked in a low percentage rate of 2.5%. We are saving approximately $350 a month. Now we are in a better position to make double payments. Already the interest rate for Re-fi's has jumped up to 2.78%. 

We'll be here till we die. 

My sister and I inherited the place from my mom after she passed.  It was paid off. My sister wanted to sell but I liked it so we bought my sister out. I've never regretted it. 

We've done a lot to make it ours.  We've installed wood floors -

done our share of painting. 

I painted the cabinets and redid the kitchen to be retro. All new appliances. Now we have wood countertops. 

New carpet in the living area and 1 bedroom. 

Installed a new HVAC, new roof, and new windows in the whole house. We had a garden window installed in the kitchen for the cat. 

New washer and dryer. 

Last summer, we extended the patio and made a small garden area for my sunflowers.

Planted a lot of trees and plants

Each spring my California poppies bloom in a big vibrant way. 

A beautiful red flower that comes back every year. 

Spring Iris

One can never have too many sunflowers

Last summer's morning glories. 

My dad planted this cedar tree when they first moved here. 

It's now the vocal point of our front yard. 

And to think we are not done. 

We do have the costly stuff out of the way and if we didn't do anything else, it would be okay and I would still love my cozy little home. 


  1. Maintaining a house can be a huge career in its own right. I am behind with my house. But, I bought the house for us to live in. So I manage.

  2. Sunflowers just make me happy. Congrats on getting such a good percentage rate on the refi.

  3. I certainly can see why you love your cozy home! I wish I could have bought my dads house but it was way above our budget, plus he was still alive and selling to downsize!

  4. You have done a lot to make this home your own and how nice that it stayed in the family as well but with your own personal touches. The flowers are lovely. Thanks for the visit and comment on my Museum of Dumb Guy Stuff. I shared your comment about the Rust Museum with my husband and he wishes we lived closer because he would be there and me as well. Please feel free to revisit anytime, the welcome mat is always out😀


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