Front Yard flowers


My mini roses are in full bloom. 

My aloe vera plant is starting to bloom...

I love these purple flowers - they are perennials and come up every spring. 

I do nothing to them and they are drought tolerant. 


And these little flowers are wild - they are a ground cover that I won't pull up because they are so pretty. 


  1. Pretty flowers! the orange ones remind me so much of Hibiscus because we just bought two! Ive wanted some for a long time

  2. Beautiful flowers! I wouldn't pull that ground cover up either. It's very pretty!

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous. I had a dandelion in my flowers, and it was so pretty, I could not pull it up! It was just gorgeous. If I could get up and down off my knees, I would have got down and taken a picture of it.

  4. Lovely flowers! I do like the purple petunias, I love their spicy fragrance when one catches it on the breeze. Your ground cover flowers are such a pretty colour.

  5. Oh so many pretty flowers. They make me wish I were a better gardener.


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