Bees and Sunflowers


What can I say that I haven't already said - I LOVE SUNFLOWERS and every summer, they just get more beautiful and bring me so much pleasure. 

Do you see the bee and the lower right? 

This particular sunflower grows in bunches - not as tall as the mammoth but doesn't fail to please when it blooms. 

These orange lilies are so bright and festive in the sun. 
Unfortunately, our 110+ temps are starting to dry out the flowers. 

Another bee on the upper right-hand side of the sunflower. 

It's just too hot to be out in the yard. Supposed to hit the 120's next week. 
I hope they are wrong. 


  1. Beautiful sunflowers! I had orange daylillies lining my fence in my old back yard. They are so pretty! Stay cool!

    1. oh yes, staying cool is a full time job here.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah yeah, I remember you telling me that. I find that funny. Maybe I should write a screen play, the ATTACK of the Giant Sunflowers.

  3. Sunflowers make me smile as well.

    God bless.


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