From the backyard: Fruit and some nuts


The Agapanthus - around town are blooming. I have white ones that haven't bloomed yet. Just the little bulbs are showing. Supposed to get real hot, the next week - up to 111. Things will start popping then! 

We have almonds - they look really big from this photo

And the figs are coming in. 

I don't believe we will get any grapes this year - we had an insect infestation last summer and my husband drastically cut them down. They are slow to vine out this year. Usually, by this time we have little baby grapes. 


  1. The only grapes that will grow here are muscadines and scuppernongs. The European varieties get Pierce disease fairly quickly here. I do love figs. I know you are enjoying them.

  2. How awesome to have fresh grown almonds!


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