My Oleanders


June is the best month for oleander blooms. 

They love the heat. They are native to the Mediterranean and California is perfect for oleanders since we have a Mediterranean climate. They practically grow wild here. I have a neighbor who has oleanders that are 20 ft + all in white blossoms. 

I wasn't aware that they grow in other parts of the country as well - they are drought resistant and are very hardy. People even pot them and grow them inside, provided you have no children or pets because they are toxic. 

They can be messy - they do some shedding of their seed pods and it's like brownish fur. 

With our 109 heat this past week, they are flourishing. 


We close on Monday the 14th. We got out a little extra money to add to our savings to buy a new vehicle so that hopefully we will not have to finance it. We really need a vehicle that is reliable. We'll keep the old van, for hauling and camping. 


  1. 109? I don't even want to imagine it. We are supposed to hit 90 on Monday and I am already dreading it.

  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Where I grew up {CA's central valley}, there were oleanders Everywhere! In the median along Hwy 99 between us and Fresno, in folks' yards, ~ I haven't thought about them in years!

  3. I thought our heat wave was bad, wow, you are really hot.

    God bless.

  4. That is a beautiful bush! Every time I hear of oleander it reminds me of the book and movie "White Oleander" about a lady that kills her husband by poisoning him with oleander!

    1. oh my. Yes they are deadly but beautiful

  5. They are gorgeous! I have heard of them, but never actually seen any. I don;t think there are any in this area.


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