Christmas ornaments, a Movie, and snuggling with my fur babies

Late yesterday and into the early evening, we put up our tree. 

This is an old one - made of tin. 

Each year I pull out the ornaments and each year I have to put aside those that have gotten so old, that I dare not place them on the tree and are too sentimental to just toss them. 

We don't have AC in our garage - and that is where we store all the Christmas decor. So with our 110+ temps in the summer, our garage gets very hot. It takes a toll. 

The wood crafts stay together well - sometimes I have to re-glue them...

I bought these from IKEA a few years ago 

I've had this one since my boys were little - 

I used to collect Santas 

A simple wooden dove I made 30 years ago - 

 Another one from when my boys were small. They still look for them on the tree and they are 38 and 42. 

Guess they are sentimental like their Mom. 

Today I finally received my new debit card - except they mail the password separately a day or so after the card in case someone stole the mail and got the card and the password - 

Makes sense but it's still annoying. 

I went to the grocery store and it was so crowded - Just a mess. Where are these people during the rest of the year? The parking lot is full, the store is crowded...and it was before 11am and usually not at all busy. Plus they stand in the aisles and catch up with their friends and neighbors - blocking everyone. Grrrrrr. 

My lower back has been flaring up - walking helps but it must be the cold and we are having such cold weather that it might snow on Saturday! We usually get a dusting in December. I hope it does snow...

Right now we are at 49 degrees as a high. That's COLD!!!! 

The husband was called into work at a private movie showing at the theater - 

It's called the Jesus Revolution. 

Inspired by a true movement, JESUS REVOLUTION tells the story of a young Greg Laurie (Joel Courtney) being raised by his struggling mother, Charlene (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) in the 1970s. Laurie and a sea of young people descend on sunny Southern California to redefine truth through all means of liberation. Everything changes when Laurie meets Lonnie Frisbee (Jonathan Roumie), a charismatic hippie street preacher, and Pastor Chuck Smith (Kelsey Grammer) who have thrown open the doors of Smith’s languishing church to a stream of wandering youth. What unfolds becomes the greatest spiritual awakening in American history. Rock and roll, radical love, and newfound faith lead to a JESUS REVOLUTION that turns one counterculture movement into a revival that changes the world.

I remember those days when we called them Jesus freaks - would hitchhike up and down the coast of California. I knew many high school kids who left to join up. I was not yet a Christian at this time -  

Years later, I used to go to several Calvary Chapels here in California. I used to listen to Pastor Chuck Smith on the Christian radio for years so I am very interested in seeing this movie. My husband gets a sneak peek tonight.


Since it is a cold day and I am a bit down in my back, the girls and I have been keeping cozy and snuggly this afternoon. 


This photo is for Pam over at Closed Doors, Open Windows

Yesterday she posted about a cousin who passed away - and she showed a photo and I thought the wife looked like someone I used to know. 

"No, it can't be?" 
"Just a lookalike - they say everyone has a double somewhere."

It was even more interesting as the name of her cousin's wife was Joy. Same first name as the woman I was thinking of. 

"No, it can't be?" 

Well, they are one and the same. Isn't that something? I knew my Joy back in the mid-1980s - she owned a decorating company based out of Brazoria, Texas and I was the California manager. It was a direct sales company through home shows. It was such a fun time in my life. 

Oh, I am at the bottom right-hand side. This was taken in the late 1980s - 1990?

That's it for me on this cold cold day. Back to snuggling in the blanket on the sofa with a kitty keeping my feet warm. What could be better than that???


  1. I love seeing your memory ornaments! I'm like you - I have some so old that I hang them on the back side of the tree because I can't bear to throw them away.
    How amazing your Joy and Pam's Joy is the same??? It's truly a small small world!

  2. I love seeing you in the photo! Yes, people stopping and talking in the grocery store, right at the junction of an aisle, or in the middle of an aisle is a pet peeve of mine. If they want to chat they should pull over somewhere that it does not block people! My favorite prnaments are the house and the little horse.

  3. It's definitely weather for snuggling on the sofa. I do love the memories that Christmas decorations invoke. It's such a wonderful time of year.

  4. Dearest Debby,
    An interesting post with lots of history!
    You keep your special Christmas decorations real well and those ARE meaningful momentos from years past.
    That dove is so well made—clever and crafty you.
    BUT in the end you revealed how that came about, through such an interesting job.
    The world at times is very SMALL if people talk about the same people that we knew or have worked with!
    Your fur babies sure love to snuggle up with you and hoping your lower back is feeling better.
    We have near freezing nights but stay warm inside, though Pieter managed to run his bike yesterday as I was tackling our white kitchen cabinets. They're not smooth but have those 'nice' edges. With a special small brush I get that done but it is quite a task.
    That movie looks very well done!
    The hippie period of course was across the Atlantic for me but still—some of it reached us!

    1. The hippie movement and it's influences was an instrumental part of my life - we lived in the Haight Ashbury - I went to school and to the Brownies in the Haight Ashbury - it was once a very desirable neighborhood and moved because it was getting out of hand. I was in the 4th grade when we moved down the coast. But then, the hippie influence was part of our culture, living just 20 miles south of San Francisco. My poor parents had a time with me there for awhile. Many of my friends got caught up - many died and many were lost. It was a miracle that I made it out in one piece. One day I may post about it (or not)

  5. I love all your ornaments. I have several that have sentimental value!

  6. I was wondering if you were in the photo. Yes, it really is a small world. Your Christmas ornaments are nice and sentimental to you. I liked the sugar plum house, and the wooden dove you made I'm glad you kept all these years. I hope you do get some snow. We got our first real snow this morning.....and it came with a little rain. So pretty as I'm looking outside and catching up with you.


    1. AT first they said we might get a little dusting of snow - now they are saying we won't. I do want it to snow. It's such a happening.

  7. Yes, it sure is a small world!!
    All your ornaments are lovely.
    Still haven't gotten my Christmas stuff out.

  8. I love this story so much!! Thank you for sharing the picture. I am going to send a link to Joy. I know she will appreciate it and also that you remember her. That is so cool!! Yes, this was definitely before Joy became a part of our family, but I knew about her business. She's a very talented lady still. Wish we could get her here to help us with our Dixie "Cottage". Funny that we have a similar name for our business! LOL. Yes, it's a small world after all!!!!

  9. Just goes to show how small the world really is.

    What lovely decorations.

    God bless.

  10. "They still look for them on the tree and they are 38 and 42.
    Guess they are sentimental like their Mom."


    I just came over from Pamela's blog. It is a small world afterall!

    I want to see the movie too. Kelsey Grammar! I recently read an interview where he talks about his faith. I believe he heard this movie was being made and told them he was interested in being in it.

    I am praying for another revival like Jesus Movement. We need it.

    1. Oh Sandi, we surely do need a revival especially with the young people. The movie will be in theaters Feb.23. I'm looking forward to it.

  11. You have such lovely ornaments with precious memories.
    Sorry your back is bothering you - nice of the animals to cuddle and keep you cozy.
    It's very cold here -24C(-11F) today with a wind chill that makes it feel even colder. As you can imagine I've gone nowhere today. We'll warm up some this weekend and I'll run out on Sunday or Monday because we're heading back into the deep freeze next week.

    1. Wow -11F. The coldest I have ever been was up at Lake Tahoe as a kid. It was 0F and I thought that was crazy cold. Even here, with snow on the mountains, we get some wind and it seems colder. While I can't say I hate this weather after having such dreadfully hot summers, I do wish it would rain.


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