This and That on the Day After

My son texted me this photo when on a hike. It probably happened in the '80s. It ran over a cliff - and this is where it landed. 

So, how's everyone this day after Thanksgiving? I am thankful it is over. And to think I didn't host or cook. We had a nice time at my son's home - a lot of people and many were glued to their cell phones except us older ones.

Like my husband said, "it's their home, their rules." 

My son wasn't on his and joined in on our lively discussions. 

This is where my husband and Foodie camped the other day. 

We got up to 78 yesterday. Hot in the house with that turkey cooking. Before going over to Navy's home, we sat outside most of the day. 

Off the beaten trail -

This morning we drove over to the new Costco - they closed the one closest to us. Now the empty one will be revamped into a restaurant and a small mall.  Just what we need; another mini-mall. That will probably take about a year - so meanwhile, it will be a mess. 

No, this is not a train tunnel -it is a water tunnel that diverts the water. You wouldn't want to be caught in one of these during a flash flood. 

We decided to do a simpler family gift exchange since Char doesn't understand it. We've been doing it for years, but she gets confused. So us women buy a female gift and the men buy a guy gift. These gift exchanges stress her out. 

Sometimes you have to make accommodations. 

I haven't seen her since Easter - she is having a textual relationship - as she told me. That means, her guy lives in another place and all they do is text. 

I keep my mouth shut - 

Anyway, I bought my gift - online this afternoon. Now, that's done. 

We were sent home, with leftovers - not too much. I don't care for turkey leftovers. So that is what's for dinner tonight. 

Today I had plans to put away all the Fall decor - and dust the shelves but instead, did nothing. Tomorrow I will start. I did take a nap this afternoon on the sofa. That was nice and I guess I needed it.  

Take Care


  1. Well, sounds like you had a nice time. Of course, not having to cook really helped! Gosh, it is beautiful there!

  2. I'm not sure what part of the country you live in - but it is beautiful!

  3. I forgot to say how beautiful your candle header is. And that wrecked car, I would love to know the story of the paintings on it.

  4. Sometimes just relaxing and taking a nap the day after Thanksgiving is the best thing you CAN do. I am never in a huge hurry to take down the fall decor and start up Christmas. Most likely it will begin to happen sometime during this next week, but I will wait for our son to come home on the weekend to help with the tree and setting up the train underneath. Meanwhile, sounds like you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. I was sick and had to cancel the big gathering planned at our house. Instead my sister and her family did their own thing where they live 2 hours away, and our kids went ahead and cooked a complete dinner and brought it over here for us to eat. By then I was hungry enough to want some food...and especially the fact that I didn't have to lift a finger to prepare it or clean it up made it that much more appetitzing. I am slowly getting better, but this flu or whatever it is (not covid...test was negative) is still hanging on with a non productive cough. This too shall pass. Oh, I love that picture of the car you shared. I hope the people got out alive. That is so weird. All the pictures are good...and that water tunnel is scary to me. I don't think I would go in there. Have a good week and don't rush anything you don't feel like rushing! That's how I feel. Blessings...

  5. I might have looked at the inside of my eyeballs too, grin. These young folks and their phones drive me nuts...I shouldn't just say young folks, sigh. Have a beautiful day friend.

  6. We had a nice relaxing day yesterday.
    Wonder how long that car has been there.
    Scary thinking of being in the tunnel when the water rushes out!!!

  7. That is exactly what we did. Ladies bought a lady's gift and men brought a men's gift. Then we drew numbers. That has been ended, and I really miss that exchange. Perhaps next year I will get on the ball enough to make everyone a little something.

    God bless.

  8. Sounds like a nice day, even with the "kids" on their phones. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. That car is interesting! Funny it got left there and then painted.
    I like the painting in the tunnel too.
    I worked the day after Thanksgiving but did some decorating today.

  10. I am always amazed at the talent of graffiti on walls! Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving. Yes the young folks seem to be glued to their cellphones anymore! The simpler Christmas gift exchange is a good idea! Enjoy your week!

  11. I hope no one was hurt when that car went over the cliff. I never really liked the gift exchanges at Christmas. I just give what I can and hopefully they'll like it. But the gift exchanges add more pressure if you buy a gal item and a guy gets it haha. Looks like a nice camp site your husband stayed at. Have a good December week. It's Christmastime!



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