Christmas keepsakes

Brrrrr, baby, it's cold outside. (for here) It is currently 48 and sunny. It drops down to 31 for a low. This morning we had crunchy grass (green weeds) and my poor, California poppies were looking, mighty droopy but had rebounded nicely by this afternoon. 

I continue to 'deck the halls' around my house. I don't remember it taking this many days back when I was younger. 

The above picture is one of my Christmas favorites - I like to leave that one on the wall, till February. 

Happy Birthday to my husband today. He is 66 years old. This morning I gave him my present - and I bought a cheesecake and I took him out for the "all you can eat, soup, salad and breadsticks" at Olive Garden. Still a good deal at $9.99 each. 

This cute little kissing couple is OLD - dating back to the '50s. 

My first mother-in-law gave me these figurines at least 40+ years ago. 

The Christmas Kissing couple Bells is a Vintage Geo Z Lefton #019.  Bell has its Clapper. Made in Japan. Still dons the red sticker on the inside of the bell. 

I looked for it on the internet and found just the boy on eBay for $50.00 Mine is in good condition with no cracks - the paint on the hat is a bit discolored - so I'd give mine a healthy $40 if I were to sell it; which I am not. The girl is in better condition. Etsy has one left - the couple which is in very good condition goes for $375. 

Nope, not selling. I will get them their own box with plush padding to store them in. They deserve at least that! 

Yep, I'm not done with all the kissing - 

Formalities Baum Bros Vintage Christmas Kissing Angels Salt Pepper Shakers Set - They are porcelain. I'm having a hard time dating them - and only found 1 set exactly like mine. 

This little Santa Bell is also a Vintage Geo Z Lefton but I just noticed that part of Santa's hat broke off. I'm guessing, he's 1950's c. 

I looked in the box and can't find it so I will take a little white pom, and glue it on - it's not like it's worth anything to anyone other than me. 

Santa is in the House. 

Overseeing all the mischief below is my rag Santa I have had for 37 years. (he's over 36 inches of stuffed rags) Last year, I was down with my rotator cuff surgery and the husband hadn't put him out yet, and Navy asked about him - thinking I must have gotten rid of him. 

Years ago, I had an adorable dog named, Sport. He was a border collie/springer spaniel mix - I used to place Santa on the sofa. One day I came home and caught Sport, shaking him -  in a playful way, of course.  Since then, he always had to sit high above the fray, for his own safety. Sport, would bark at him, and jump up and, there was just something about this rag Santa, that turned Sport on. 

When was the last time, you received a check in the mail you were not expecting? 

Yesterday I opened up a letter from the Dept of Justice - addressed to me. It was a check for $372. 

At first, I didn't trust it and almost place it in the recycle bin - but something told me to read it again. Apparently, this was a class action lawsuit by the DOJ against Epsilon Data Management and KBM Group for supplying consumer data to a fraudulent mass-mailing scheme. My husband has been part of a large class action lawsuit and the most he ever got was about $40. 

I checked online at the DOJ and sure enough, it is legit. 

I had no idea my data was involved in such - 

The husband baked some raisin bread in the bread machine. It smells so homey in the house now - well I best be getting back to decking those halls - I'm almost done but I do keep stopping to make some repairs - gluing, and such. All my Christmas keepsakes are getting old, just like me. 

Have a nice evening - and take care. 


  1. Dearest Debby,
    Happy Birthday to your husband!
    Love your Christmas stories that go with those keepsakes.
    Sport indeed got mesmerized by that rag Santa—fond memories and also the fact that your son asked for him as he was missing from the familiar scene around Christmas.
    We have had some very crisp and cooler days as well.
    Just got back from a Christmas party at a big Camp house in the country—it sure was getting chilly.
    Love those kissing figurines. All meaningful and you had me laugh with the word Santa's 'hate'... You mean of course his hat!
    Enjoy the decorating and stay cozy.
    Isn't it nice to receive an unexpected check! ENJOY it.

    1. Don’t you just hate it when you proof read and one slips by? I fixed it. Thanks.

      Crisp cool days are fine this time of year. It’s nature’s way of decorating our areas with milder winter climates.

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband! You got a windfall and at a perfect time of year:)

  3. The money came just in time for Christmas shopping! What a funny story about Sport and the Santa! I LOVED it! Your vintage ornaments are amazing, and are family heirlooms!

  4. That's exciting about getting extra $$$
    It takes me MUCH longer to decorate than past years when I was younger. But I'm still DOING it!! Love all your vintage Christmas decorations~

  5. Oh, I love your little Christmas heirlooms! the kissing couples are so sweet! Especially that first couple of bells...Wow! Yes, get them a padded box and save them! I love vintage decorations. They were so sweet then. That rag Santa is really cute. I can imagine a doggy would just LOVE to get a hold of him! Glad you rescued him! And wow, that check! I guess I need to pay more attention to those class action suit things we get now and then. I usually don't think much about them because the most we've ever gotten was a dollar or two. LOL. That was quite a nice Christmas surprise!! Oh, Happy Birthday to your hubby! The Olive Garden dinner sounds like a good deal to me! We don't have any near here, so we miss out on all the good stuff. But it's a trade-off living in the boonies. We enjoy less traffic and less crime, although the sirens are always going off about something out on the highway near us. Crazy drivers are everywhere. Have a lovely weekend doing your decorating. I am very slowly beginning.

  6. Happy birthday to your hubby. I love Olive Garden and it is still a deal for the salad/soup/bread meal. I am thrilled that you got that check and just in time for Holiday spending. Your sweet collections are lovely and it is fun to bring them out year after year, isn't it?
    Have a wonderful weekend, Debby. xo Diana

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband. An Olive Garden opened up here a few years ago (on the other side of the city) and I've yet to make it there. But $9.99 for a meal sounds pretty darn good...that's probably $14.99 here in Canada. :)
    Love the ornaments and their stories - obviously your son does too.

  8. Happy Birthday to your husband! We were at Olive Garden a few weeks ago for my birthday. Always good.
    I enjoyed looking at all your collection.
    Hooray for that check!

  9. Happy Birthday to your husband.
    Your vintage decorations are lovely.
    Great surprise getting that check!!

  10. Hello Debby ... gosh I just love that Christmas frame in your first photo too!! Just beautiful !! Your decorations are wonderful ...I have been decorating too. Its taken me an entire week it seems - I am so pleased to read yours takes ages now too.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog & your sweet kind comment. xx


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