Silly dog and $75 later...

"Did I do that?"

My black lab, Laydee has been on a diet and has done very well. She is off all her meds, for the back/hip inflammation - just by losing a few pounds. Makes a difference. She even has her svelt doggy waistline again. 

2 weeks ago on a Monday, my husband baked some bread. Tuesday afternoon, I came home and wanted a piece of toast and I couldn't find the bread. He looked for it - I looked for it. It was gone. And we never found it. 

Sunday I made an 8-inch pan of chocolate brownies with chocolate chips and walnuts. Last night after dinner I was looking forward to a brownie and when I went into the kitchen it was gone. Even the pan. 

Okay, I'm thinking maybe my husband or me has dementia and these are the first major signs - 

Until I saw on the floor underneath the cutting board table, an empty brownie pan. I saw crumbs... It donned on me. 

It's Laydee. 

We don't scold our animals for being animals. Plus, both times, we were careless by leaving it on that table which is a bit lower than the kitchen counter. It should have been wrapped and placed in the pantry. After a good laugh and relief that we both aren't losing it, I looked up on the internet about chocolate and dogs. 

NOT GOOD plus she had one row of brownies which were about 2 - 2 1/2 inches wide. I called our vet. They had just closed and informed us that our town no longer has an emergency veterinarian. The closest was in Chico - 73 miles one way.  She gave me the phone number of Poison Control for Animals 

There they asked me everything they would if it were an infant or child - weight, ingredients, and how much was eaten. Then it was calculated based on her weight and the time she ate it. Good News - was they didn't believe she ingested enough due to her body weight. The worse she could get was a tummy ache, diarrhea, and vomiting and there was a 24-hour window. Fortunately, her stools were dark and she had nuts in them (TMI) but it looks like it all worked itself out. The consultation fee was $75. 

So, now we know - we have to not keep goodies out where she can help herself. 

6.4 magnitude 

I guess we are sound sleepers - I kinda remember hearing the cell phones going off at 2:34 am - but we just slept through it. This morning when I looked at my phone there was the notification to basically duck and take cover. A lot of good that did us. 

We didn't feel it - But the little bit of jolt we did get, stopped my pendulum clock at 2:35am. 

We didn't lose any power - I am hearing at least 2 people died in it. Sad. 


And last but not least - after nearly a week of frigid temps - morning temperatures of 28, and 29 degrees - this is what my beautiful poinsettia looks like. I won't throw it out - I will nurse it back. We have warmed up by 20+ degrees in the mornings from what was earlier in the week. 

Wow, 5 more days till Christmas. 

I've been laying low - baking and straightening up - doing last-minute things and planning our meal for Christmas Eve when the family will all be here and church on Christmas Day! 

I can't wait! 


  1. Wow! That was a close one...Laydee and the brownies...and then the earthquake! That's too much excitement for one week! And the poor poinsettias. I have moved mine to back porch under shelter and tomorrow night it is going to get pretty cold so I will add a sheet to surround and cover them to keep the frigid temps from getting to them. Hopefully they will survive. We are expecting low 20's this weekend, which is cold for us here in Florida. I am still finishing up my shopping and then comes wrapping. Probably won't get any baking done this year. I am way behind, but we will still have Christmas on time regardless! have a blessed and wonderful Christmas!! Glad Laydee is okay, and that "everything came out all right"!!

  2. Wow, two really close calls! You must have an awesome Guardian angel!!

  3. Dearest Debby,
    Well, Laydee thought she finally deserved a good reward and this time one that was better than bread!
    This morning while I searched for the address, placing it on my iPhone to hand it to Pieter so he could write the address label... my almond paste open faced multi grain braid was stolen from my plate.
    Spooky sat under my chair—licking it!
    Haha, they love to steal and take their chances. I picked it up and carried it out to the oak trunk for the birds or whatever critter loves it.
    Funny that you slept through that earthquake.
    The ONLY one we both felt was when we were in my former bedroom at Mom & Dad's. In the middle of the night—and Pieter calmly said—THAT was an earthquake!

  4. WOW!!! I heard about the earthquake but did not realized where YOU live!

    My daughter's dog ate a sock and had to have surgery that cost $3,000! Thank goodness they have pet insurance but it was still expensive!
    Then her other dog got sick and it again cost $3,000! This one ate some Styrofoam!
    These are pure bred labs and are being trained as hunting dogs. Silly things better learn what NOT to eat!!!

  5. I'm glad Laydee is ok! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. Well there goes her diet!! :) Glad to hear she didn't eat enough for it to be serious.
    Oh your poor poinsettia. I still have mine from last year. There are no red leaves but it has survived.

  7. It's a good thing we love our pets.

  8. You were so lucky that she didn't get sicker - our dog - almost died - and a $1000 later!

  9. My sister's Border Collie one ate my nephews chocolate birthday cake just before we were supposed to sing Happy Birthday to him. A day we will never forget. So glad your pup did not die. So sad about your poinsettias and glad w=you were safe from the earthquake. Janice

  10. I'm so sorry two people died from the earthquake. That's awful. Your poinsettia has seen better days. ; ) I hope Laydee is Ok eating those brownies.


  11. Hi Debby. So glad that Laydee didn't have any serious repercussions from snacking on the brownies. It's also good you didn't have any damage from the earthquake but sad that some did, and that two people died as a result. God bless you with a Merry Christmas. See you again soon!

  12. There are some things that no matter how well trained, a dog can not resist.

  13. Goodness me Debby - I read all about Laydee while holding my breath!! That is one big learning curve I guess. She looks such a darling. The poinsettia I bought for my Mum has been rapidly losing leaves since I bought it home from the shop. I looked it up & it doesn't like a change of surroundings. I hope it lasts a bit longer as it would be a nice splash of colour in her Resthome room. Wishing you a happy festive season Debby. xx Julie

  14. Phew, that was close for Laydee and you. I'm thinking that consultation was well worth the $75 and I bet a vet visit would have been far more expensive.
    Glad you weren't affected badly by the earthquake. Scary!
    Enjoy your Christmas preparations and family time!

  15. I am glad the dog is ok even though it at chocolate! One never knows at times about cats and dogs indoors. I read about the earthquake in CA and glad you survived it. I like the Toby Mac music you shared. I have one of his cds that came with a dvd that a friend bought me when at a concert earlier this year. We have ice and a bit of snow here in OR. My daughter went outdoors to put some rock salt on sidewalk and it was a bit slippery. I hope we still continue to have electricity. Will see how it is tomorrow late a.m. to drive to work, which isn't too far but walking on parking lot a bad thing! Slip and slide isn't a good thing. Have a Merry Christmas!!


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