The Paper Mache Santa boots


When 5-year-old Foodie was in kindergarten - he brought home this big paper mache Santa Boot. I instantly loved it. I asked the teacher how she made it, and she used 2 brown paper shopping bags - shaped them like a boot - placed scrap paper so it would hold its boot shape and the children paper mach'ed them, painted them, and added the white cotton fur. 

Four years later, Navy had that same teacher and I was gifted with another one. 

Michael who was the oldest didn't have the same teacher, so I never got one from him. 

The top of my china cabinet has never been without these 2 Santa Boots at Christmas ever since.  For 37 years, these boots are lovingly dusted off and placed in their respective spot - They have their own box they go into after Christmas. 

If I get to a point in my life, where I can no longer have a tree - these boots will suffice. That's all I want. 

In fact, if there was a fire - and I had to rescue just a few keepsakes, these boots would be rescued. 

Sadly, each year I open up that box, they are showing their age. I may have to start storing them inside the house (but where?) due to the hot summers in the garage. 

I can still see those little 5-year-old faces, grinning at me when they gifted me this precious keepsake. Little did they know, their Mom was a total senti"mental" slob and would keep them till the day I die. 

I only wish I had the foresight to have taken a photo of them, with their boot. 

Good News -

Navy is feeling better today - he'll go back to work Thursday. The last one to get it was Sara so she is still feeling like "death warmed over." as she stated. I brought them over a couple of bags of broth, soup, orange juice, Vit C gummies, soda crackers, etc. on their front step.  The rest of the family also had it first so Sara's brother, Donnie is back to work. The little girl is doing much better. 

Do you have any of your children's artwork from Christmas that you still put up? 


  1. Wow, kind of a family tradition. And what a cool teacher! Yes, you need to store them in the house!

  2. How fun to put out those memories every year! I have several decorations that my boys made in elementary school that I still decorate with.

  3. Dearest Debby,
    One can tell that you still got emotional when typing this up... till the die I die—till the day I die you of course mean.
    You know, you got such a lovely way of writing from your heart and one can sense your sentiments through your words!
    That is a GIFT.
    Sad that things deteriorate over the years...
    No, there are no children's keepsakes but I have hand embroidered Christmas ornaments from Pieter's Mom and also from my Dublin Mom (she adopted me right away when we came to live here... sweet!). Both are long gone and that makes them even more special.
    What a clever idea to make that Santa boot that way! A gifted teacher.
    So glad that the family is recovering and no doubt your labor of love cooking + goodies on the doorsteps worked their miracle as well.
    Big hugs,

  4. Oh, I LOVE those boots! What treasures they are! And I am so glad you have kept them. Yes, I have a few things that I keep...but nothing quite that large or special to display. We do have particular ornaments that belonged to each child that go on the tree every year. They are special reminders of their childhood days. I do understand about storing things in hot places. We keep our Christmas decorations in plastic bins in the shed, which also gets very hot. I am beginning to wonder if that is a good idea but I really don't have any other option for storage. We don't have an attic, and that would be worse anyway. I don't know the solution...I am learning to accept the fact that our earthly treasures will not last forever and so just enjoy them while you have them, but be ready to relinquish them in time. They will have served their purpose. I am sorry to hear your family was so sick. Glad they are recovering. My recovery from the flu has been slow. Thankfully it wasn't the stomach flu but the respiratory kind. Still, I tire quickly and just don't have the energy to do what I need to get done these busy days. Just have to pace myself and be thankful for what I can do. Praying your family will be better very soon. (((hugs)))

  5. I'm glad Navy is feeling better! I have several things that my kids made in school that are such treasures! I have two wreathes that my kids each made in 1st grade using green garbage bags and a coat hanger. They hang up ever year.

  6. You could leave them up all year. I would! 😊 These crafts the kids make are true treasures.

  7. The boots are so cute, and special! I'm sentimental too and have some cute ornaments from my kids.
    So glad Navy and family are doing better.

  8. Love the boots. I still have a few decorations that the boys made at school as well. I will never be without them.

    Wonderful that Navy is feeling better.

    God bless.

  9. That's a lovely story about the red santa boots and how long they've been put on show at Christmas. Hopefully they'll last a few more years despite the storage problems.

  10. Your sons' paper mache Santa boots are a Christmas treasure. So good that you kept them all these years and put them high on your china cabinet each year. Great that your son is feeling better, but poor Sara. I do hope she feels better soon.

    Yes, I have lots of my kid's artwork and projects that they made when they were little. I must put out my son's Christmas tree he made with glitter and sequins. It's so pretty, and thanks for reminding me of that. : )



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