A Lost Dog and $10.28 for eggs!

This is a pit/mix that was roaming unleashed in our neighborhood. It's been such a beautiful day and he just wanted to take a walk, I guess. 

So we made friends with him and brought him to our side yard. I then posted on the app, NEXTDOOR which is what we often do around here. 

Within an hour, his grandma found him. His name is Cooper and he was such a sweetheart who likes women better than men. Beautiful markings.  Grandma was dogsitting him at her place and he got out. He just lives down the street. She gave us her business card in case he should get out again. 

That was the BIG EXCITEMENT for the day. 

My husband said he would be willing to get some chickens for us to raise for the eggs- but then he said if I would allow him to do what his dad would do when they stop producing. 

I told him No. 

I would be loving on them; giving them names. 

No Way! 

 I remember when I was around three to four years old (it was a traumatic event) we were visiting my grandparents in Eastern Tennessee - they lived on a farm and I was playing with the chickens and holding and kissing them. Then grandma went out and picked up a chicken and...well you know the rest. 
Fried chicken for supper. 

I'll still buy eggs until we can't anymore. Our dog gets an egg a day and I'm not going to stop giving her what is so good for her. 
We save our egg cartons to give to a guy in my husband's bible study who has some chickens. So my husband is going to ask if we could buy from him. 

If not, I'm not going to worry about it. 

Here in California, they only sell cage free-hens (as of 2020-2021 when the law passed)  and the bird flu has killed 4 million cage-free hens. That is why California eggs are a bit higher than in other states. 

It's like, what are you going to do? I love eggs. .86 an egg is still a cheap protein - an inexpensive breakfast or lunch (I only eat one) 

What about you? Do you love eggs and will purchase them no matter how high they get? Have you cut down on your egg consumption? 



  1. How wonderful that you brought this dog home!! No, we have not cut down our egg eating. I don't forsee it happening, unless the price gets a lot more awful.

  2. I will still buy them but I have become so much more careful of dropping them when I get them out of the fridge.


  3. Dearest Debby,
    Glad that Cooper found his way back home and is safe!
    Last week when we drove to Atlanta on Monday, a 309 roundtrip and mostly Interstate, we saw two dogs killed...
    It breaks my heart to see dogs roaming along the Interstate and eventually ending up getting killed by traffic!
    Some people are so cruel for disposing of their best friend.
    Like you, I loved chicken and baby chicken and certainly played with them.
    Strange your post about your grandma picking up the chicken—meant for supper.
    As I was reminiscing about Mom and viewed a video from my youngest brother who sat with my 2nd brother at her bedside—her very last night at the hospital before coming home to die. Mom looked so frail, her face had shrunk and her hands were caressing my 2nd brother as he informed her that they all had been there and they did face time with me. She was happy and talked—in–between the times that the morphine kind of numbed her. Then I thought those hands have grabbed a chicken and killed it—plucked it and prepared it...
    I myself would NEVER be able to do that!
    But life was harsh for them and even more so for their Parents.
    No, I'm not allowed to eat eggs due to the phosphorus contents—bad for CKD stage IV.
    Again, Funny that we just had supper of scrambled JUST Egg and onion with orange bell pepper and it was good. Pieter mentioned that at the local Kroger we paid for 12 oz (equivalent of 6 eggs...) $ 5.99.
    But there is no choice and we try to enjoy what we like.
    Mauzie my Dachshund got one egg once a week and she loved it!

    1. Grandma was a country woman who raised 9 children on a farm. It was just matter of fact for her. For me and my Mom, who had been a city girl, it was a shock.

  4. Oh, forgot to mention that Mom later had pet chickens, exotic looking ones and she LOVED them!

  5. Yes, eggs are getting quite high here as well...maybe not as high as yours, but close enough to make us think before we eat them. LOL. (but we still eat them) Oh, the sweet doggy...so glad his "grandma" came and got him. He reminds me of a doggy in our neighborhood who keeps getting out and comes straight to our yard. I put him in our fence and text his "mother", and his "father" comes and gets him. He's a sweet mixed breed too that looks like the proverbial Heinz 57. They do make the sweeter kind of dogs than some pure breds that are too well bred for their own good! LOL. Have a blessed day. Hope your weather is getting better?

    1. I like mixed breed dogs - they are usually so sweet. Not high strung.

  6. I like eggs but we don't eat a lot of them.
    That's a lot of money for eggs. I remember LAST year a dozen eggs in the Dollar General cost 85 cents. Now they cost 5 or 6 dollars.

    1. Mostly I use the eggs in cooking and baking - love hard boiled eggs. And the dog gets an egg a day. SO yeah I guess we go through 3-4 dozen a month.

  7. No, if they go up to $10.00, I won't buy them as much. But I need them for baking, and I love eggs too. But we don't need them everyday. At my store, I was surprised that they were $7, I thought that was a lot. We had a neighbor in So Cal who had chickens, and I tell you that were so loud at the crack of dawn, and it was really disturbing. And the chickens did that much of the day. That's one of the reasons I wanted to move. I don't mind if the chickens are from a distance on a farm, but living next door to them is too much for me. I'm glad the owner found her dog, Cooper. She must be so relieved.

    Have a wonderful week, Debby. We got Chinese food yesterday. I thought about Chinese New Year this Sunday. Are you still going to get take-out or go to a restaurant?


    1. Wouldn't you know it, I have been craving deviled eggs. I can't imagine they will go up much more. That would be hard living next to a lot of chickens. Here in my subdivision you have to ask your neighbors if they mind and only so many. There is a house behind us and over some, that have goats. My goodness they do make a racket.

      I think we'll go out for Chinese instead of take out simply because its fun to eat dinner out.