Early signs of Spring

Today is cloudy but no rain and it looks like significant storms are not in the forecast (at least for my area) for a week or more. It shows a small percentage of rain on Wednesday and after that we're dry. We need that too. People need to fix their blown-down fences and repair soggy roofs - 

We're starting to show some signs of Spring - and that is usually by mid-January certain flowers start blooming which always makes me happy. 

Even the daffodils...

I dug up the daffodils in my planter boxes on my fence and replanted them on the hill in the summer. Nothing from them yet - maybe the replanting, will delay them. They had stopped blooming in the front due to the shade from the trees. 

My Autumn Mums are still so pretty. 

So this is where we were - 

And this is where we are now. Out of the extreme drought zone.


It was nice to get out and not battle the rain and wind. 

Snow on the mountains looking west. 

Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen haven't shown themselves lately but I know from the ski resorts and the news, they have a generous snowpack on them. 

I always enjoy it when there is no one out but me. 


I saw this and wanted to share the difference a month makes. 

Snowed under! 

The Harshness Of Winter 
by Patricia Cisco

Winter's sleep so close to death,
piercing with his arctic breath.

Brittle, naked limbs stretch high
in the icy pewter sky.

Bitter chill and stinging wind,
quiet earth grows gray and grim.

Polar pillows full of snow
hover over valleys low.

Veils of frozen crystal falls,
cascade over mountain walls.

Squalls and drifts of sparkling white,
glistening brilliance in the night.

Winter, with his wicked wrath,
leaves blinding beauty in his path!



  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I wish we had some spring weather in the offing. Lucky you! Have a wonderful week- Diana

  2. Nice flowers that are blooming. My young tree we've had for nearly 2 years has buds on it and pansies are still alive even after the ice storm we had close to Christmas 2022. Nice photos shaded of snowy mountains 🏔 and good poem to read. We had wind and rain Saturday night into a good portion of Sunday in our spot in Oregon. Take care 🙂!

    1. Yeah this past December was quite the "weather" we all had here on the west coast. Looks like sunny days are ahead again...

  3. Dearest Debby,
    Yes, here the very same—some blooms but it is still too early for real spring. People here joke that we get about 7 springs!
    Our Sago palms all turned yellow brown after the 14°F and it goes always so steep from warm to freezing so plants cannot harden.
    But I doubt if those are actually 'mums' as their leaves are not those of a true mum but look rather like thick leaves kind of succulents.
    They are stunning though!
    Enjoy whatever comes into bloom. We already had our Paperwhites bloom in December... Daffodils are next.

  4. Lucky you to be getting some flowers! We have a wait here, but they will come.
    I'm so glad you are out of the extreme drought.

  5. Won't see any signs of spring around here for many a month!!

  6. I was surprised by a nice sunny sky when I left the office at lunch time today. Was nice to see it if only for a short time


    1. beautiful sunny day yesterday - today cold, dark and dreary.

  7. Wow, look at Yosemite in January! I'm like you, I like it when it's just me out sometimes. Your Mums are so pretty, and that last one with the white fence is a great photo. I'm glad we got lots of rain this Winter. I just hope that the towns' affected are ok from the floods. Winter is harsh up here, but beautiful at the same time. I always enjoy reading your posts, Debby.


    1. I remember when we had a duplex in Tahoe when I was a kid. Those winters were brutal. Dad had to shovel a tunnel to get us into the front door. We would go up every other weekend. Fun though.


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