Good News, Dry cleaning and Photo Discs


Source: Mike Krueger

This is what a Sierra snowpack of over 200% of the average for this time of year looks like from the sky.

Today, Good News from the State Water Resources:

“We are pleased that we can increase the allocation now and provide more water to local water agencies,” said Karla Nemeth, director of the state Department of Water Resources.

Today was another mild day - 70 degrees- but it sometimes felt warmer. I even turned on the AC in the car. I have the front door open, and all the windows. I've got a Vegetable Lasengna in the oven so that it heats up the house but once the sun sets behind those mountains it gets cold. More rain in a few days but just regular rain - not the three back-to-back atmospheric rivers that we had a month ago.

I am fighting the urge to start gardening...


We rarely dry clean - because we don't wear heavy coats that much during the winter. I do have one wool coat that I've had for 25 years and it is still in excellent condition. I paid $10 at the Goodwill in the bay area - It's an Ann Taylor. I dry clean that if I have worn it a lot. This year I've only worn it once. 


I wore this raincoat  a lot this past month. It belonged to my mom and it must be ancient. It had a stain on it so I took it in. With what I shelled out, for this raincoat alone, I'm pleased they got the stain out. They no longer guarantee stain removal. I got lucky!

The last time I dry cleaned it was like $11- a couple of years ago. The owner told me, they can no longer use waterproofing because the State of California outlawed it last year - it's carcinogen. I could go to the sporting goods store and buy a natural repellant and spray it on the coat. I'll take my chances and wash it from now on. Seems my mom always dry-cleaned it so I just did the same. I think she had this coat when I was a teenager - that is how OLD this is. 

Yesterday I found some photo discs from the 1990s - 

I had forgotten what was on them. 

My son, Navy is #20. Red Shirt

Navy playing basketball in high school. 

Here he is making a shot

He's behind the coach - looks like he is touching his ear.

So I sent them to him and he was pleased. 

Those were good times. Climbing up those bleacher seats I surely couldn't do today. I'd be afraid I'd lose my balance and fall. Then sitting there without a solid back - no wonder I have lower back issues. 

But they were the best of days! 

I hope today has been the best day for you. 

Later - 



  1. Wonderful sports photos with your son in them, bringing back such good memories I am sure. Your photo of the Sierras is stunning! I will not buy anything that needs dry cleaned! How did Imiss your last post? What a beautiful doily your mom made, and I love your Valentine gnome!

  2. How wonderful to find those photos after so many years! What a treat! Thank you for sharing! I rarely look through my old photo albums anymore, because I get bogged down with them and lost in the memories, but they are good memories...they just trigger sadness in some ways that so much has changed over the years...and yet we keep looking ahead and that gives us hope and encouragement. Oh, London Fog! I had a lovely Kelly Green London Fog rain coat (with a zip out lining) back when I was in college. As a matter of fact, I was wearing it the first time my then unknown future husband spoke to me on the sidewalk at the college and said "nice coat". I was sassy and said, "Thanks! I'll let you wear it sometime!" LOL. It wasn't long before we were a couple, but I don't think he ever tried to wear my coat as he was a tall 6'3" and I was 5'7". It might have looked pretty funny! We talk about that often, after more than 53 years of marriage. Not sure whatever happened to that coat...I guess I outgrew it. LOL. Yeah, dry cleaning...I try to avoid it. I won't buy anything that needs to be dry cleaned anymore. Thankfully my husband no longer wears suits to church. We are very casual here in Florida, and since he's no longer the preacher he doesn't have to wear a suit. I hope you all stay warm and that you have a blessed weekend. It is 37 here this morning at 6:45 a.m., and will only reach 61 today. Cold again tomorrow, but then it will start warming up again. Take care my friend!

    1. I get what you're saying about the sadness when looking at the photos - Last night I had a mild bout of sadness. So many in those photos have passed and most of them gone too soon.

      We're very laid back here in California - Pretty much anything goes. Our Pastor wears a Hawaiian shirt. I've even seen some who come in their PJ's - nice ones but still...I'm not that laid back! lol

  3. I don't ever remember bringing anything to the cleaners. Even when the label said dry clean only I washed it anyway. :)

    1. I have learned my lesson and feel awful about spending that much.

  4. Glad to hear that you've gotten some rain and the snow pack is good. I imagine it's hard not to head outdoors to the garden. Still months away from that here.
    I haven't dry-cleaned anything since I retired, four years ago. I hope there is no need for it in the future either...too expensive for me.
    The old photos are wonderful. I'm sure they brought back some wonderful memories for Navy too.

  5. Oh, I remember the basketball games, football games, and baseball games. And I went to all of them. I'm glad you kept some of the basketball photos and gave them to your son. Probably made his day. Yes, dry cleaning is so expensive these days. I've only had to use it through the years for comforters.
    That's great that you have your mom's raincoat since she was a teenager. Love old things. : )

    Have a nice weekend, Debby.


    1. No since I was a teenager. It would be really old if it went back to the 1940's!

  6. Great shots of Navy as a youngster. It probably brought lots of memories forward for both you and him.

    Dry cleaning is ridiculously expensive now.

    God bless.

  7. I found my heavy winter coat at a thrift store. It was such a good price I didn't think to look at the cleaning label until I got it home, and was annoyed when it said Dry Clean. However, I can always find a coupon for the cleaners, and even if I pay $15 a year it will be several years before my outgo reaches what I would have paid for a retail store coat.

  8. I haven't had anything dry cleaned in ages! I'm sure I would be sticker shocked! How cool you found those old pictures! I loved when my son played baseball through high school! Those were the days!!


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