Snow and the drive home

This morning, we took Laydee up to the snow. 

As soon as she starts seeing the white stuff while we're driving, 
she gets all excited. 

She loves to dig in the snow.

She had a blast - 

Me? My feet were cold and still are. 

It's a short scenic drive from our place - takes about 35 minutes to get into the snow east of us. 

Join me on the way back down...

Our view of the valley -  the snow-capped mountains from the West.

Excuse my dirty windows - we call it Laydee's nose art. 

That's Shasta Bally. 

Looking toward the North and that is the peak of Mt Shasta. 

This is all so pretty in the spring when everything is green and the trees have budded out. 

Nice ranches off the side of the road. 

There were many out on the golf course - we went by too fast for me to get a photo. 

Do you play golf? Do your husbands play golf? 

The only golf I have ever been interested in was mini-golf. 

I often wonder why people buy homes on the golf course and then complain about their windows getting broken? 

They call this the Millville Plains. 

This is cattle land. 

It is beautiful in the spring...with wildflowers. 

I usually do most of the driving. I tend to get car sick. I've never taken photos while the car was moving -  so this series was a first for me. 

The terrain has changed drastically. Rocks and rolling hills. 

Looking through the "nose art" does not do the rugged rocks any justice. 

Down below is a creek - on the driver's side. I couldn't get that picture. In the summer, many young people go swimming off the road in the creek. 

Getting closer...

and closer. 

The stop sign at our exit. 

Which way should we go? 

Almost home...

I see Mt Shasta every day when I am out and about. 

That was fun. I'll have to do that again sometime. Of course, the husband will have to do the driving - next time I will clean the windows. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. 

Thanks for coming along - I hope you enjoyed it. 



  1. ALL your photos of the mountains are beautiful! Combining that with Laydee's joy makes for a perfect post! I do not notice any dirty windwows, is my vision that bad?

    1. The doggy photos are outside and the color is brighter.

  2. Thank you for the photos, what a beautiful area. Hilogene in Az

  3. Dearest Debby,
    You both sure live in a beautiful area and not too far away from the mountains and such!
    Laydee no doubt enjoyed her exercise.
    When we're asked if we play golf we always reply—next life (maybe)!
    Never had time for it with our frequent traveling for work and why pay a fortune for doing so?
    We rather walked (when we were still allowed to do so with Pieter's knee) and now we bike as the orthopedic surgeon told Pieter that will remove the fluids from the knee without putting direct pressure on the knee. Walking does put pressure on the knee due to your weight being on it.
    You might not have worn the proper shoes or boots with warm socks for going up in the snow...

    We have RAIN here as well.

    1. Oh I know I wasn't wearing the proper footwear. My boots have fur in them but I was wearing thin socks - next time I will double up.
      Oh I know about knee concerns. I had mine replaced in 2018 (or was it 2019?) Anyway, now I can walk. It got so bad that I had to use a cane and it had to be done. It wasn't so bad. The rotator cuff surgery was the worst. NEVER AGAIN (if I can help it)

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for taking me along, smiles. Have a lovely week.

  5. Really beautiful pictures. You live in a lovely area. Have a good Sunday!

  6. Enjoyed the trip to the snow and back with you.
    You asked about golf. Both my husband and I have TRIED to play golf but were awful at it and don't play anymore. We lived in Scotland at the time when we tried. My mom was visiting us and we took her golfing one day. It was a day we still laugh about!! :) One day I'll have to post about it!!!! :)

    1. Please post about that. I did not know you lived in Scotland. How cool. Would love t hear about that.

  7. That was beautiful! You do live in a gorgeous part of the country! Amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us. I didn't notice the nose art either. I was too busy looking at the mountains. My hubby used to play a little golf, but it was mostly a game of frustration for him, so he never got into it very much. Our youngest son loves golf, worked at a golf course in lawn maintenance so he could have free golf. He also loves to hit golf balls into our pond. When it dries up a bit we find the balls and bring them back in. LOL. I enjoyed the ride with you. Thank you.

    1. The nose art, dulls the colors but that's good that most of you didn't notice.
      That's the way to do it - with golf so expensive. Work at a golf course! Smart son.

  8. What beautiful pictures! A very scenic drive indeed. It snowed all day here today and our Samoyed Tundra just loved it! Janice

    1. Oh I bet! It's fun to see the dogs that love snow, in the snow. Like little children, they don't want to get out of it.

  9. I enjoyed coming along with you on your drive. Mt. Shasta is so pretty. I have a good view of it when I visit the creek. That's funny that Laydee gets excited when she starts to see the snow. We had another snowfall last week, and it looks very much like the snow you saw on your drive. I've heard about those rock slides in certain mountain areas, it's scary.


    1. Yep when she sees a body of water or snow, she goes crazy! She loves to swim and play in the snow. The mountain slides are scary - especially along 299 going toward the coast.