Tuesday doings

Isn't this cute? I picked this up today at the 99-cent store. 

Yesterday I started taking down most of my "winter" decor - and will start slowly trickling in Valentine's Day knick-knacks. I only started putting a few things out last year for the first time. I used to decorate back when my kids were young and when I had a small family daycare in my home. 

Last year I was coming off of Covid and wanted some prettiness and looked around my house for all the red and pink (very few) and placed them on my shelves. 

During the year,  I found even more stuff I can use. So I am excited to display it. 

Also, the 16th is our wedding anniversary. We'll be married for 21 years (2nd marriage for both of us) 

I'll have our loved ones over sometime in the month - It is also Navy and Sara's 3rd wedding anniversary (29th) 

I went to the 99-cent store for just these almond cookies. 

I love them with a cup of jasmine tea. 


My husband knocked out this little house today - You know those little free libraries? Well, this is what this is going to be. Placed in our front yard for anyone who wants to partake. 

It will have a window in the door so you can see the books. It's not as fancy as some are - we'll make it nice enough. 

Here are some that are really fancy. 

Do you have one in your yard? Are there any in your neighborhood? 
Around here businesses and churches have them out on their yards. 

So that's all I have for you today on this glorious Tuesday. The weather is 68 and sunny. The nights get very cold though and it's chilly in the shade. 


  1. Thank you for visiting my Blog. I really like the books house. What a generous idea giving away books to people passing by your home.

    Happy Anniversary. Best wishes now and always. God bless.

  2. OH wow! A free library book house for your own yard? What a nice idea...but I wonder about what kind of books others might put in there??? I'm not too sure I'd trust people to put in nice books...I guess I don't know our neighbors that well...I will be curious to hear how yours goes. I do see them in various places and have often wondered how that is supposed to work. Oh, I haven't put out my Valentine Decor yet either. Will probably do so this weekend. Last year I know I had a box of some newer stuff from the previous year, but I couldn't find it in our shed, so I bought a few more things...then later after Feb. 14th I found the box. so now I hope I can find it ALL this year. Things get shifted around a lot in the shed when we move in and out the Christmas boxes, etc., and our son Scott isn't here now to help me find things. He's more agile than we are and can lift things and move things better. (Our shed needs some serious organization and real shelves...and that might help matters...) So if he comes home this weekend I will ask him to help me. Your weather today sounds like ours. It was pretty chilly this morning, 40 degrees, but it was a nice sunny 68 or 69 this afternoon and I was able to sit outside for a while. It will be chilly again tonight too...but spring is coming. Those almond cookies look good. I don't think I've ever seen them before. Okay, thank you for visiting me today too. I appreciate your comments! Have a blessed and wonderful rest of your week.

    1. We will have to continually monitor it, as do others. We can register it which has some benefits and some drawbacks. My husband wants to keep it mostly for our neighborhood.

  3. We do not have those book houses around here - they look so pretty - what a great idea. And we don't have a 99cent store - our Dollar Tree went up to $1.25. 68 degrees - you must be near the south.

  4. Oh my GOSH, these mini libraries are the CUTEST!!! I do not want the books, I want the libray itself! We do not have one, but what a good idea. There are a few around here. The closest one is in the yard of the Unitarian Church. I love your bee plaque! I have a box of bee decor and make a small shelf of it in the spring. Did you get it at Dollar Tree? If so, I will be there on Thursday!

  5. Dearest Debby,
    So far I've never bothered to decorate for any seasonal things that are being dictated to us by commercial entities...
    Did bake on Sunday a large batch of my Amaretti cookies, made from egg whites (which I'm also allowed to eat) and almond meal from Trader Joe's and I use the Coconut Palm Sugar for its low glycemic index.
    Got lucky for having a good meringue as next day it was pouring down and still is...
    Those library houses are so cute!
    No, don't see any around here.
    But just like telepathy again, we have two big stacks on our dining room table that we want to give away at Church. One particular family with eight kids—love to read but they are on a budget. So we make them happy.
    Have been cleaning up a lot this week and yesterday the Mexican yard crew came in and they received lots of things that we gave away. Some happy smiles and that is good. We even gave away our almost new Cappuccino and Espresso maker as I am no longer allowed to have any coffee...
    Downsizing is an ongoing project and we are serious in not leaving a lot to sort through when we both are gone.

    1. It's not that big so it will be easy to keep books out there. We have some we've been saving and we'll shop around at thrift stores and garage sales for good clean books

  6. That will be so nice to have one in your yard. I've never seen one around here.
    If we had one in our yard no one would see it!! Too remote.

  7. I've always loved the free little libraries. You have to show us yours when you're finished. Almond cookies! - they sound really good. I love anything almond. I'll have to look around for those. That's a cute home sign too. I enjoy seeing all the goodies that you find here and there Debby.


  8. We have a few book houses here. Although I do not frequent them, it truly is a great idea! Am slowly taking down my Winter and adding in some reds. Love me a good deal at the Dollar Store too. Janice


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