Windy weather


For the last couple of days and especially yesterday and last night, we have had some major wind and gusts. Over 100 mph on Mt Shasta and some clocked the winds around here at close to 80 mph with gusts. Sounded like a plane landing at times. We had to take everything down in the yard, bird feeders, chimes, wall art, and anything that could be a projectile in this wind. The back fence held - both our side and the neighbors have it propped up really well. 

I don't like the wind. I am thankful this wasn't in our dry summer with 105+ degrees - that is how fires spread. That is what really scares me. Makes me dread summer and what is to come. 

Foodie rode his electric bike home during this wind and said he almost fell twice. I keep telling him to let me know and I will drive over in the van to pick him up - it's no trouble at all and he works close by he doesn't like to bother us. Grrrrr. 

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Saturday we drove down to Red Bluff to just look around at their shops. I love this historic western town about 30 minutes south of us. They have some really cute shops. We had lunch in a saloon - really good hamburgers. It was nice to get away, and I was planning to take some photos of the Victorian homes but my husband's back started really bothering him, to where he could hardly walk. We both have ruptured discs and as we age, our backs just give out now and then. I think it is the weather - Last week we had mild temps but very cold at night and in the mornings. 

Anyway, so I drove home very carefully, so as to not cause any jarring...He's better today but still needs to watch it. He wanted to mow the lawns, and I told him not to, in this wind. He'd be just fighting it. He doesn't know how to relax like me. He's always on the move. 

This morning I did some financial chores - activating new credit cards that we never use but keep around, just in case. - and cutting up the old ones. I uploaded Laydees' latest Vet bills to the Insurance company and filled out a fraud report to the bank over those fraudulent charges last month. It amounts to $263.63.

I'm looking forward to a new month - how about you? 

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  1. Debby, I drove to your town today! My son had to take care of a few things, and I went with him. We went to From The Hearth for lunch, and it was a nice day. Long drive though, and Yes, it was cold and windy driving. Moved my car a few times haha. So glad you got to visit Red Bluff. That's where my cousin lives. I didn't know they had a charming downtown with cute shops I'd love to try that saloon place for a hamburger sometime. It's nice to get away for the day, isn't it? I think that's great of you and your husband to drive since your backs are injured. I'm glad your son didn't fly away with the wind when he was driving the electric bike. Couldn't believe what a windy day it was. I didn't realize some of the streets were one day. It felt like Sacramento to me. I had a nice time in your fair town. : )


    1. The one way streets are downtown - It took me awhile to learn them and once, I made started to make a right turn, quickly realizing it was a one way street going left. I freaked out everybody including myself!

      Red Bluff has a charming downtown area but they keep getting hit with a hard economy. Many places have shut down. It used to be more but slowly they are unable to keep their door open. It's not the prices - I find them reasonable.

  2. Dearest Debby,
    That is rough weather with strong winds!
    We've had heavy rains and now it is calm but Thursday and Friday again rain.
    You are so right about your son's biking but you can't change his determination for NOT wanting to bother you. Just like your worker–bee husband (and mine!) they just want to continue being in charge and do things themselves!
    Tomorrow I have to start again making phone calls to my new (since November) Visa card for accumulating Hyatt points. Three payments made and still 0 points. They went to the WRONG account and she said, wait 7 days and it will be in yours. But I've waited now almost 13 days and nothing got rectified. I hate the calling as it is so hard to get a real human on the line... a waste of time but a MUST DO.
    Good luck for your fraudulent charges that also take a long time for getting reimbursed...
    If we like it or nog—a new month is just around the corner!

  3. We havve the freezing cold winds up this way as well, but not as strong. I am sitting here listening to my old windows rattle. Makes me feel like someone is coming to the front door. Brrrrr!


  4. That was quite the windstorm!
    I hope those charges get taken care of. So frustrating!
    I love your look here!

  5. I'm not a big fan of high winds either. Our house is surrounded with trees.
    Red Bluff looks like a nice place to visit and walk around.

  6. I know Sherry - so y ou must live in CA. I know the weather there is crazy - my sister lives there too - but south, I am in GA and the weather here has been nuts too. We usually have sun all the time - this year it is just rainy!


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