Living on the Outskirts


What a beautiful day this first of February is. It's been cold - we're only getting up to maybe 56 during the day but it's been sunny and no wind. It is cold in the shade so I stay in the sunshine. It gets down to the '30s at night. Our lower pond, has a thin layer of ice on it, in the mornings. 

The sidewalk that goes, to no where

I live on the outskirts of town - If I want restaurants and shops, I go to the areas in my town where that is provided. I've noticed, that after 15 years of living here - my town is starting to grow up - get big.  Just this week, they introduced parking meters downtown. The community is not happy about it. 

We have new homes sprouting up - new businesses going in and the focus of this town is toward young adults. They're building skate parks, and fancy bike lanes and everything is geared toward the youth. 

That's fine - change is inevitable. 

But you do start to notice, that there are a lot of "takeaways" and they take away from the seniors. Like we used to have a bus stop back here. It's gone now. Probably because those electric scooters are everywhere - even back where we are at. 

Yep, things are changing. 

Sprinkled throughout my area are older mobile homes on the property - small wooden framed houses - where the occupants are old now - some have died and people are buying up their properties as well, as larger property investors who want to build more subdivisions.  We still have a few farms and ranches - people have goats and Alpacas. 

When you walk out of my subdivision, there used to be no sidewalks. I've noticed they have started putting them in - but only on one side of the road. So you zig and zag as you walk, crossing the street if you want to stay on a sidewalk. 

Sometimes they have a sidewalk that goes nowhere and doesn't connect - like an afterthought. Like the first photo. 

Here's a flock of Canadian geese out for their morning stroll. 

Across from the turkeys, is a new development that is going up - No model homes yet but I did walk over to take a peak. 

Just your typical track-type house - in a small cul de sac. 

Boy, whoever was in this house working was rocking out. The music was LOUD. 

Right across on the other side of that loud house, is this property. I'm sure a thorn in the side of the developer who probably wanted his land to build more houses. 

This is on the other side of that pond, I visited yesterday. In good years, the water from the pond covers this green wooded area. We still need more rain. 

I'm happy the waterfowl is back - and flourishing. 

Such a nice morning with the sun shining through the cedar tree in my front yard.  

And another Daffodil pokes her head up to say, welcome home. 

Yesterday, I texted Navy at work and asked him if he would drop by the house after he got off. And he did. I haven't seen him since Christmas and I just wanted to touch base with know, get a hug from my kid! 

He stayed a couple of hours and we caught up - It was nice. 

Today I paid most of the bills with the exception of a couple of websites I could not get on - they are having "difficulties" so I will go back to that tomorrow. I like to get all my bills knocked out at once. 

I did some laundry - and I baked a loaf of banana bread. It smells good and will taste even better! 

Take Care,



Twice the distance
Three fewer days
The second overall
Two-twelfths of the year
Ten more to go
This month of cold
They wait
Their spring may arrive



  1. Happy february! It's very cold here - high of 15 today, but the sun was shining and the days are getting longer.
    Our area seems to be filling with developments everywhere they can put them too. So far our country street doesn't have that happening, but I'm sure it will come. I prefer farmland. :)

    1. I prefer rural as well which is amazing coming from a former "city girl."

  2. Dearest Debby,
    You have been quite productive it sounds like!
    Today was low 70s... and sunny—so welcome after the heavy rain.
    Outskirts over time do become a little village of their own.
    That is exactly what happened to the house where I grew up in—there are hundreds of new homes and lots of streets, all around it now.
    Developers calculate only $$$ per surface area!
    Love those turkeys and other water fowl—hope they will survive as their habitat gets changed.

    1. Even with the suburban sprawl - we do have large areas of wildland still. The turkeys don't seem to mind if they are walking down the street or in their own wild area. They trot around, like the own the place...wait a minute, they did used to own this place!

    2. The very same here—wild geese come to the big pond, even with homes build around it! They were there first!

  3. I enjoyed your February post and the pictures from around your community. Yes, I guess growth is inevitable, like the new Dollar General store that just popped up almost overnight in our community. We already have two of them nearby and a Family Dollar/Dollar Tree as well. But we are a lower income community, so I guess we need these stores. We really need some decent restaurants if you ask me. But no one did. Anyway, I do prefer country scenes and roads and not so much 'civilization'. I hope your banana nut bread was good. I'm sure it was. And I understand about needing a hug from your son. Our youngest son didn't come home this past weekend as usual, and I missed seeing him as well. I hope he comes this next weekend. Well, I hope you enjoy your February. I love the daffodil! Such a lovely sight! Bye for now.

    1. I wish they would build a Dollar General near us. I've been to a couple of them in other towns. They remind me of the old mom and pop stores or the five and dime.

      I hope your son is able to drop by this coming weekend for his hug! Take Care

  4. I've always told my kids to "look around" at all the trees, because one day they will be replaced with homes or businesses. Some of it's needed and much of it is not.

  5. My town has not changed much over the years - too far away from things for people to want to move here which is fine with me. :)
    Your baked bread looks delicious and I'd love a piece of it.

    1. Your town looks like it is from another century. I love your town!

  6. Happy February - I like this month. My birthday month.
    I enjoyed walking with you - I enjoy where you live. Where do you live?
    Where is the water foul - I love that.
    Change is inevitable - that is for sure.

    1. I live in Shasta County - way up in northern California.

  7. I grew up a farm girl. When my old neighborhood started getting...well changing from farms to subdivisions, I knew I had to leave. I moved to the next county over which is more rural which is fine with me now. Change is inevitable, but I prefer the quiet. Not sure if you attached the wrong picture, ut your turkeys look like Canadian Geese to me. Yum to the banana bread! Janice

    1. lol, boy I need glasses. You win the prize- they are Canadian Geese. I must have gotten mixed up because the day before I mentioned running into a flock of turkeys.


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