My New Bible Study

Yesterday I picked up my new bible study materials from church. 

We'll be studying Philippians. 

I like pretty things, so I have a hard time writing in them, but why not?

That is what they are there for. 

This is frameable. 

Our study starts tomorrow. 

Hopefully, this will be a good study and reinforce that we can find JOY and not fear during these troubled times. So many Christians, fear these days. It's fine to have a healthy concern but fear takes over your spirit and soul. 

Boy isn't that the opposite of what the culture is today.  

This is what it is all about, isn't it? 

It's funny that our women's bible study is about Living for Christ when for the last month or so I have been watching this you-tube channel by Peter Santenello. 

He's from San Francisco, and he goes to communities around the US and the world where he films and interviews them, etc. 

I just finished his series on the Amish and Mennonites. Excellent. I thought I knew about them as my maternal family was from Ohio and I'd been to Holmes County many times as a kid. 

I did not know there was an Amish town in Florida? That's where some of them go to retire. I also didn't know there were so many different types of Amish - Old Order, Beachy, Dan, Swartzentruber, etc. I'm sure many of you probably already know this stuff - but for me as a Californian, I was amazed. 

I had my first Amish Pretzel in Lancaster County back in the mid-1960s. Mom had always talked about how good they were and I've since had nothing even close to it. 

So if you're looking to space out and relax, I totally recommend this series. I'm going to recommend these videos to the ladies of my bible study. 


Before the Amish series, I watched his series on Native Americans living on the reservation. He was able to get in, where others are not. 

I plan to watch all of his playlists. Next for me to watch are the Hasidic Jews. 

Till next time, 

Enjoy -



  1. The bible study looks good, and the materials are even pretty! You will have to post some things that you learn. We are Deacons in the Mennonite Church.

    1. I was just coming on here to say that it seems to me that the Mennonites live most closely to Jesus' teachings. I have been so demoralized by the hateful judgemental behavior of so many "Christians" these days

    2. To Obscure - I'm so sorry you have had such a bad experience with Christians. I wish I could tell you it never happens - I too, have had bad experiences as well with some Christians. Just don't give up on Christianity -

  2. I just saved the name of that Youtube so I can follow along. I have first hand knowledge of the Mennonite community-long story....Have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  3. I love Paul - I think Christianity would be different without him.
    How do you find these series - I want to watch and am interested in the other two - the Indian and Jewish one. Can you send me the site? Or the speakers name?

  4. I think that study will be good. It is pretty!
    Those series look interesting. I'm saving them.

  5. We have quite a few Amish here in Michigan too They come to the farmers market in my mom's town.
    I love their baked goods! Great frameable sayings. Enjoy your bible study. Janice

  6. Dearest Debby,
    Yes, that is indeed contrary to what society is aiming at brainwashing the people into.
    Selfish instant gratification is far more on their mind—in an almost nauseating way!
    But let's keep praying that people come to their senses soon.

  7. That's a great book of the Bible to study. My life verse is Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

  8. What a lovely Bible Study. You enjoy it.

    I need to bookmark those videos to watch. I love learning about different faiths.

    God bless.

  9. How wonderful that you're going to a Bible Study. And the study material books are really nice. The Amish video was very interesting. I appreciate some of the ways of the Amish. I like how they have big farms to provide for their families, which are sometimes very large families.



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