A Sunday walk at the Ranch

There is a ranch by us - within walking distance that has opened up its property with open walking trails to the public. They have three trails - 

It used to be a working mule ranch on 200 acres and it has 5 ponds. When the family who owned it for years passed, they turned it over to their philanthropic foundation that gives back to the community. 

It is also a breeding ground for the many different water foul, throughout the year.


It is a feast for the eyes - there are benches throughout where you can, "sit a spell" and just wait and listen. The weekdays are the best times - it's quiet. Weekends have more people. 

The grasses are so green - they say Spring is behind by 4-6 weeks due to our harsh winter. The trees in my yard of just starting to bud. Usually, they bud in February. 

Perhaps we have lived in drought for so long, we don't know what is normal anymore. 

No dogs are allowed - No bikes or skateboards - so the geese have become very trusting and they let you get close to them. It is forbidden to feed them. 

They almost look like ceramic lawn ornaments 

When all the trees start filling in, it will be beautiful 

Looking toward the Trinity Alps 

In our 16 years here, I've not ever seen the ponds so full and abundant with ducks, geese, and coots...

Here is a native California Manzanita tree or bush. The pink flowers have bloomed...

Here are what the manzanita flower looks like up close. Like little teardrops...

Looking west 

There were many of these bushes - I don't know what they are. 

A couple of Canada Geese 

Did you know, it is grammatically correct to call this bird “Canada Goose” 
and not usually correct to call it “Canadian Goose?”.

If I were a kid, I would want to roll down this hill and pick the wildflowers 

Willow trees dot the environment there at the ranch. It's a good place for their roots to sprawl out - Our neighbor had one in their front yard and while it offered up abundant shade, the roots loved our water pipes under the house. 

We were having some issues with our plumbing. We had mentioned it to them - they really didn't see that it was a problem. It wasn't until they themselves started having plumbing issues and then they cut it down. 

Excuse my nail in the way of the video. 

Beyond that fence, they allow you to take your dog - it is a wild area with another entrance. 

Well, that was a refreshing stroll - I'm thirsty, and have to pee so I am on my way back home. 

Thanks for joining me. 


  1. I have never seen these kind of flowers. What a wonderful place! I am glad they do not allow dogs, or feeding the birds! Weeping willows are famous for ruining plumbing!

  2. Really wonderful photos,thank you for posting them. The manzanita flowers were unbelievably lovely. And the photo of the trinity alps! Hilogene in Az.

  3. Dearest Debby,
    What a beautiful walk that was!
    Wonderful that they opened it up to the public.
    Not allowed to feed the geese or other water fowl—there is plenty of grass to feed on.
    We just got back home from my check up with my nephrologist and on the way over there was a Mama & Papa goose with six goslings crossing the road! So sweet and I was surprised that they already have their young.
    Kidney function is down to 23% from 25% in December... With all the pain and stress, I am not disappointed. But I need iron tablets due to my blood loss (internal bleeding)... my hemoglobin was very low. He understood WHY but it needs to come back up.

  4. What a lovely walk with bloody nice photos

  5. What a beautiful place to walk and enjoy nature. We have Coots here in Michigan that live here in the Summer months. Just saw a few last week that have returned. Thanks for sharing! Janice

  6. What an ideal place for walking. I'd love to walk there and would be there often!!! Everything is beautiful!!

  7. Beautiful tear shaped flowers, so pretty. Such a beautiful place to wander and enjoy nature.

    Yep being Canadian we have always called them Canada goose, or geese depending on the number.

    God bless.

  8. Looks like you had a nice walk, The birds flying into the river was good to view through your video. I saw Canadian Geese, or gooses? flying 2 times when we were out at Bauman Farms on Saturday. Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is a bit late with the tulips blooming. Hopefully there will be more next Wed so there's some to view and take photos of. It is a bit warmer today that Sunday. Warmer Tues thankfully and above freezing! Snow in foothills still and some on coastal mountains. Good thing we are going there til late April. Have a good day!

  9. That is a beautiful place to take a walk! I love the manzanita tree and the flowers are such a pretty pale pink!

  10. Look at all those Geese! What a nice place to walk, so peaceful. I like the willow trees. You see lots of them in the south. The Manzanita tree is so pretty already blooming. I think I could walk here for a long time. I've always called them Canadian Geese. And they are all around here right now. They are such funny birds. And their honk is LOUD. Keep visiting this place.....it seems so wonderfully calming.



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