My First Wednesday Hodgepodge

I thought I would try this Hodgepodge thingy - 

We'll see if I can be consistent.  

 1. We're in a season students call 'spring break'. Did you/your family travel over spring breaks when you were growing up?  Tell us something about a 'spring break' you remember (from childhood or adulthood, either one). 

Not every spring but as a family, we would go to Tahoe, since my folks owned duplexes near Heavenly Valley. Sometimes we would go down to Disneyland for the week. Another time we went to the Russian River - (Guerneville) we would swap with another family who owned a cabin and they would use our place in Tahoe. Same thing with Clear Lake - 

Hmm, so now that I am thinking about it, yeah I guess as a family we did go away more times than not. 

One spring break, my folks took me out of school for an additional week, and we drove back to Tennessee to visit my grandparents in our little VW bug. We hit all kinds of weather on our drive back but was one of the best road trips! Imagine, back then, traveling from San Francisco to Eastern Tennessee - the interstates were just starting to be built. It was patchy at best and we drove through a lot of small towns across the US. 

This was around 1962 - give or take and my Grandpa had never seen a VW bug before. We were a big VW family - my folks owned a couple more bugs and I had a 1968 VW camper van that I kept for years until it caught fire back in 1995. 

I remember one year, as an adult, we took the family to the Grand Canyon on Spring week. We stayed one night in Lake Havasu, Az totally clueless that it was a favorite place for the college crowd - from ASU. It was a party that lasted all night with crazy college kids drinking and diving off the railings into a swimming pool. 

One time we spent Easter week at a Christian retreat, called Mount Hermon in the Santa Cruz mountains. The boys were young and we had a blast. It even snowed. 

2. Last thing you broke? Was it a big deal? 

I've never officially broken a bone - but from the looks of my pinkie toe, I must have at some point in my life. 

3. March 7th is National Cereal Day...are you a fan? What's your favorite? If not cereal what's your favorite breakfast? Your typical breakfast? 

Currently, I am sticking to plain greek yogurt with some high-fiber cereal from Trader Joe's. I'm not a big yogurt fan but it's good for my tummy. 

4. Break ground, break of dawn, break down, break the bank, break one's stride, break the ice, break a law, break a habit, break bread...choose one of the idioms listed and tell us how it applies to your life currently. 

I'm thinking, of "breaking my mold" by finally participating in this Hodgepodge.  

5. Where do you go to connect with friends and family? What do you like to do most when you're home alone? 

I love being home alone. I'm an introvert and alone time for me energizes me. My friends and family know this about me. Of course, I like to get out and boogie but I am more at ease in small groups or at home.

When I am home alone, (and this may sound strange) but I like to DEEP THINK. I'm not a social butterfly.  I've been this way for as long as I can remember. I enjoy sitting in the sun, with the sound of my little waterfall in the background, and just think about life.  I guess I am trying to figure things out - I don't really understand why I do it, I just do and I enjoy it. I rarely feel lonely and am almost always content. I just need that soul and spirit-strengthening alone time to be able to get back into the busy, hectic world we live in. 

I also love gardening, creating, decorating, and crafting. 

My best friend is in the bay area and we don't talk like we used to - she is busy caring for her mother.  The other two best friends have passed.  I have a few friends here but I haven't bonded with anyone really special except for Margie - and even then, it's not like my best friend Susie or Lana who have gone on. 

It is, what it is. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

So is this where I can go off script?

 Yesterday, I took Susie to the vet - she's such a charmer and everyone tells her how beautiful she is and she eats it up. She received her 3-year shots, her nails clipped and she's in excellent health except that her gums were showing some signs of redness around her molars.  - the vet said not yet but probably next year she will need her teeth cleaned - costing about $1000 but that is covered 90% with her pet insurance. That's why we have it. Both Laydee and her,  are 9 years old. 

Today is a beautiful sunny day - Yesterday after bible study, I brought over a plate of Hamantashen to Margie. Gosh, I hate that place where she is at. At least now, she has a nice compatible roommate, named Mary. 

This concludes my first Hodgepodge post. So I guess now I link it to Joyce (who I don't know) on her blog ??? From This Side of the Pond

Take Care,



  1. I have never broken a bone either and being Aussie means no spring break either and like corn flakes just saying

    1. Well then, do you all there do a Fall break?

      I like corn flakes with bananas but only occasionally.

  2. Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge! So glad you joined in this week. You can add your link to the link list and will likely get more visitors that way. Scroll all the way to the end of my post and there is a sentence saying 'Click here to join..' Once you click it will take you to a page that will ask for your link. It's easy to use but if you have trouble let me know and I can add your link for you if you want. I'm also a deep thinker. My husband often catches me and asks 'what's going on in that head of yours' lol. I like a mix of alone time and social activity. Hope you have a great day!

  3. I broke my first bone at around 40 while playing softball. Then I broke the same bone when I slipped on ice a few winters ago.

    It was really nice to learn some more about you.

    God bless.

  4. I like Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies and Coco Pebbles. :)
    Never had a spring break. We just had off Good Friday when I went to school.

    1. When I was a kid, it was called Easter Break.

  5. I would rather stay at home myself, but we do go out occasionally to dinner with friends. Enjoyed reading your answers tot he Hodgepodge. Janice

  6. Hi Debby, nice to meet you here at the Hodgepodge. Mt. Herman was a camp I went to once, too. Mostly we went to Hume Lake in King's Canyon. I'm going to have to look up Hamantashan to see what that is. Sounds like it is very smart to have pet insurance. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

    1. My boys used to go to Youth Camp at Hume Lake, so I know that area well. Nice to meet you as well.

  7. I have never done the Hodgepodge thingy before, but most of my blogging friends do. Maybe I should take the plunge and do it like you did. I'm not sure I could be consistent each week, however. Life gets in the way of my time to do things like this. But I enjoyed reading your did a great job for your first one! I love the picture of you and your grandparents in TN, and that VW! What fun! Now sure how you made it across country in the VW...where did you put the luggage? Oh, I know, in the front trunk of course! LOL. Sounds like you have had some great spring break vacations. I don't remember very many. When I was growing up we got time off for Easter, but I don't remember how much time...maybe just Good Friday and maybe the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, now that I think about it. But we never really went anywhere. I do the "deep think" thing when I can be alone too...mostly sitting outside on the swing looking at the pond and the birds, etc. It's my time to meditate and pray and think about life and what God is doing in my life and my family... Oh, I do yogurt and granola for my cereal. I don't like milk. Rarely I will eat a bowl of cereal with just enough milk to wet it and get it down. But I eat it fast before it gets soggy. LOL. Have a blessed rest of your week.

    1. Looking at the photo, we had a spare tire on the roof. So the luggage was in the front trunk. Back then, we didn't overpack like people do now, when they go on trips. Plus come on - we had a small space to work with - Dad made it work.

  8. Well you took a risk and joined the Hodgepodge! I liked your answers I think you learn more about people this way.
    You sure did travel a lot - glad you have those memories.

    1. I will say, those questions made me visit areas from my memory bank - I might have not thought about otherwise.

  9. I thought I wrote a post, but I don't see it. Anyway - good for you joining Hodgepodge. Seems like you did a lot of traveling after all. I like yogurt myself. Have fun.

  10. Dearest Debby,
    Lovely family visit photo with the VW beetle.
    My late 1st husband's first car in the late 60s was a VW beetle. The most expensive one on parts and repair...
    We both are not familiar with spring break but had a very abrupt and LOUD encounter with it in Cancun Mexico where we stayed for a couple of free days, using our Awards from Hyatt—after work in MΓ©xico as Pieter insisted. What a noise and what a sight those loud, drinking college students!
    Today I managed to walk with my left foot flat on the floor. No more nauseating pain in my calf! Slowly it is healing and of course those fractures do hurt... A strange thing.

    1. I dropped 3 engines in my VW pop-up camper van. Finally the engine caught on fire and engulfed the inside and was totalled. My youngest son at the time, barely got out.

  11. That's a fun post - I love the photo of your family with the VW bug too. I was always envious of the kids who had one to drive in highschool. Somehow I don't think the Smart Cars have the same appeal.
    I've never broken any bones either, that I know of but I've sprained my big toe several times.
    We had a week off in February, but did all of our travelling to camp in the summer time.

    1. I loved the VW's - a good friend had a Karmann Ghia when we were in HS. That was a cute car as well. I'd love a classic vintage one but they are way over my budget.

  12. I thought I would answer your questions although I don't have a blog myself.
    1. When I was a young teen we would go camping most "Easter breaks" not called spring break back then.
    My late partners best friend from High School is a big VW fan. He had a couple of bugs and a van until the Paradise fire destroyed them. He was involved in VW clubs and collected many VW items through the years. His father was a VW guy as well when he was alive.
    2. I have never broken a bone although there were a few times I should have. I guess I always had strong bones
    3. My favorite cereal is Cheerios. Not the ones that have flavors but the plain regular one. I get on kicks where I eat them for breakfast every day until the box is gone.
    4. Breakdown would be my word. So many things going on in my life this past year that cause them. Nothing big just short bouts that hit me some days.
    5. I have a small group of friends and my brothers/sister in laws that I spend time with. We have a monthly game night get togeather where we have a pot luck and play board games. This group is also my camping group. I have spent more time alone this past 15 months or so than I can remember any other time in my life.
    6. Random. I am greatful that a recent worry of my health turned out to be nothing major.


    1. That is true - we called it Easter Vacation. I don't recall when it changed. I'm glad you have a good support system and friends to go camping with. At our age, health issues can concern us until we get all the information. I'm glad yours turned out to be nothing.

      Thanks Leslie for sharing your answers. I enjoyed it.


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